Be Yourself

Walk the walk. Talk the talk. Be Yourself.

Immaculate and flawed. Not one of you is perfect in this perfectly imperfect world.

The physical world is perfectly formed from the perfect atoms of your thoughts. You can hold it safely in your mind and thoughts. Still and secure, unchanging, unmoving or you can allow it to become different, be different. Move towards difference from one moment to the next. This too is perfection in balance.

If you choose to have polluted waters that is what you have. If you choose crime and disease and war that is what you have. Your world is your thoughts made manifest. You harvest the best of these thoughts and don’t realise you pick up the chaff with the wheat. Be more discerning. You can make the world better by thought alone.

Lift up your vibration and realise the sun shines. It shines on you. It shines on everyone. We all are part of the oneness so lift up your thoughts to engage with the source of all things. This will allow the physical to align with your thoughts. It takes time. As you have ongoing thoughts that take time to flow and trickle away through the cracks of your fingers. And you will try to save them and bring them to life again. Let them go.

Your thoughts need to shine, as much, as well, as your body shines in its vibration that we can clearly perceive. Lifting up your thoughts helps the physical world find balance. As your vibration increases so does it affect those around you. And like a ripple effect, moving outward, can affect the whole world. Many do this now………..but not enough people use this as a focus to their lives. Raising their shine, raising their vibration to aid each other, to enable the planet to grow in a positive direction. The planet needs good thoughts, positive vibrations.

(laughing) No, it is not in peril. It is a thought emanation. But it does need to be pulled in a welcome positive direction to maintain a balance and discipline whereby it can continue to be used as a training ground for young souls, young seeds of life. The plastic edge of creation for fledgling minds.

So we encourage you to encourage others in finding themselves in the best of moments…….every day………continually. Only by holding this positive affirmation can the planet be a force of learning for everyone.

Coming to this planet, being here is not a great distance for us. We are close to the vibrational edge. As you reach to us with your vibrations so we reach to you. Then we can infuse you with positive light energy and a trust that all is well. Thus a balance is achieved for the Earth. And as good balances evil and light balances dark, so do you help to balance the negative thoughts that many wallow in, to their own imperilment, and therefore, the planet’s.

Help your neighbour, brother, sister, parent, friend. In those moments when you both feel those seconds of being in a state of grace, as one gives freely and one receives gratefully and lovingly. Those moments matter. They light the dark. Keep people free from negativity. They hold the balance. And keep the world on course and free from the negative side of the scales.

So you do matter.

Each one of you matters.

As your thoughts matter.

Every Single One.

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