Tick Tock (Part One)

We calculate the length of a day, the length of a week and do not think about the seconds that pass. In time these seconds become of no meaning as they pass quickly and inconsequentially.

Consider this. Each second is a moment in which you live your life to the full, if you were but aware of it. Each moment, each second, profound in its entire completeness of the knowledge of your life. In that second your whole life is contained. Where you have been and the longings of where you wish to go. It holds your pain and your happiness, your past and your future in that one moment, that one second that is NOW. Everything…… all of you, all the physical world, all thought, all life. Held in that one glorious second of your breathing life.

Life is precious. Precious because of the seconds it contains. Precious as it ticks by in seconds. Precious in its wanting to be lived fully. Then concentrate……….focus on each second, each minute……….Live it. Live extravagantly, daringly, passionately, completely…….in each second. Know you are alive. Acknowledge life by living it. Jump into the experience. This breath-taking, awe-inspiring experience and know that you are fully awake. Fully poised in each second to take as much from each second that passes as is possible.

Yes, you also need to sleep. But the seconds before sleeping will be spent in perfect focus of good sound sleep. You will be living to an extreme communication with your body. Aware of its development and idiosyncrasies, so will be able to nurture it. This requires good sleep; good food; good exercise; good thought stimulation; good passions; good focused living that excites you. If each second excites you then life is fulfilling. If you do not feel it in one second, aim for the next……..and the next. And when all the seconds hang together like a string of pearls, then you will find yourself living at such a point of awareness and intensity, you will be amazed at how the difference from before this, had been so mundane and taken for granted. How the pleasure in your life was not appreciated so much as now…….in each moment.

Your work, your resting hours, all can be lived to their best when you focus on extracting the most living from each moment. Without the awareness of these seconds, life is not sacred, marvellous, wondrous. It is mundane and tiring. A neverending eternity that is upheld by awareness of the clock ticking the seconds by. But still so many of you do not realise the hopefulness that can abound in each tick of the clock to the next. All wanting, desire, need, breath taken between these two artificial boundaries. The length of a second……the length of a lifetime. It is a matter of spatial awareness.

Live……..do not hide

Live…… do not stagnate

Live……..allow experience

Live……..and love with passion.

There are many futures. Each one can be changed or chosen in a second. A life well lived to the maximum, optimum understanding, love and awareness, will find it has been a good satisfying, fulfilling life. One that you would look back on with satisfaction and a pat on the back, “I did well”. This is possible. There is not always a need for the larger picture.

Raise your mind’s eye ever inwards and upwards by concentrating, focusing on living each second as if it were your last breath. Your last moment on Earth. Extract everything from the lifetime of that second. Even waking from sleep be grateful for another day. Excited at having more room to grow. Ecstatic at the joy of living. Bouncing with the energy of a new beginning. When you arise with this joy in your mind and heart, naturally come about, not forced into place. Then you know you are having an awakened lifetime. When you are unaware of the pain of the negatives and only see a joy in their occurring. As you are given a chance to change and grow for the better….in a positive way. To change and become so much more in that one second and maintaining it in each second. Do not worry about the next hour or maintaining it over the next week. Focus on the second………this second. Tick Tock

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