This is the first day of the rest of your life. Treat it accordingly. Fresh and sweet. New and evolving. Enjoy this new beginning when anything may happen. Enjoy your steps into new moments when life is at its sweetest. That moment of decision/indecision, deciding when you choose a path, an idea, make a choice……which biscuit to have with your tea? How blissful and sweet and wanting is that complete moment as you decide, with all the plethora of choice before you. It is a moment of decision/indecision that is magnified if you savour it. It is at the edge of creation because in that moment you may decide on the biscuit that you really really like. The one with the nuts and the chocolate and the sprinkles. The one that contains all your favourite wants and needs in a biscuit. Unfortunately it is not on the plate of biscuits in front of you. But you have formed the idea of the biscuit you want from the plate in front of you. A few years ago the biscuit you would have chosen would have been plain with maybe a few currants. Now you are thinking of an entirely different biscuit that you have thought into being, that is not yet manifested in the physical. But you have put it on your shopping list and you know you will find it and buy it. It is not a matter of, “What if there isn’t a biscuit like it?” It’s a matter of, “When will I find it?” But you also know when your shopping day is and you know a biscuit will be found that approximates your idea of the biscuit you want, complete with nuts and chocolate and sprinkles. You know you will search further afield in another shop if initially it doesn’t present itself to you on the supermarket shelves. You know you will find it. You will just have to travel a little further, perhaps wait a day or two longer, but it is there on the shelf of a small delicatessen waiting for your purchase. Your claim is already placed on the biscuit. You have to stretch and grow into the place you need to be, to be in the right shop at the right time. When the sun shines brightly and shows you the exact biscuit you have wanted and needed, right on the shelf at the back in the dark and the dust. Waiting for the shaft of sunlight, that is you, to be there at the right time and look into the dark corner and see the perfection that fits your wants and needs so perfectly. Your claim on your biscuit is the possibility you have awakened. Being in the same place as the biscuit at a time when you both resonate with each other. As the biscuit says,”I am crumbly, nutty, chocolatey biscuit…… Come find me.” And your vibration is one of looking for just such a biscuit. There is alignment of purpose as one finds the other. A temporary sating of need. Until the biscuit has been eaten. And then you say, “Too sugary, no currants! I would like a biscuit that is nutty, chocolatey with sprinkles and currants and has less sugar. A good healthy option for a biscuit” And your new choice and new alignment come into being. And so your life changes. Nothing stands still. So enjoy the quintessential moment of decision/indecision as you can taste the moment of becoming moving into a physical state of being as your choice is made. This is growth, creativity, progress.

You have your favourite pie in front of you. One slice is cut and ready to be eaten. This is the best pie ever. The one that makes a souffle of your taste buds. The one where you savour every mouthful and swallow slowly knowing that the best ingredients went into that pie. This of course is your life and how to love it. An easy analogy but so apt. Don’t eat it too fast and choke. Don’t just sit there and salivate looking at it. Eat it! Enjoying each flavoursome mouth-filling bite. The best way to eat pie! Slow and savouring each bite….and so with life, an easy analogy.

These analogies are there in each of your days. They trip you up and sidle into view when you need a reminder or a kick start to get with the programme. Unfortunately you do not always see them…….despite them being so obvious. But this requires clear thought and clear seeing which is not always happening in each and every moment, if at all, during your day. So if, “by chance “, a suggestion of an analogy has occurred within your day and you have consciously acknowledged it……be grateful. So very grateful and happy that a reminder of how to live life, how to trust in the universe and how to play with it, has managed to bisect the physical energy barriers and come into your perspective. As you come into alignment with self, more of these energy packets/analogies will become obvious to you. And gradually, like a row of stepping stones, they will confirm and lead you further into a deeper understanding. Eventually analogy recognition will not be needed as your clear-seeing becomes just that. And you no longer have to see and understand in riddles.

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