A lifetime holds a promise of many choices. Choices that will enhance your learning. The learning may not seem to have come from a good choice but it can still be a good learning……….a good education in the way of the world and all the emotions involved thereof.

Love is one of these learnings. A pitfall of decisions from beginning to end. Through love with a mate there will be many choices and decisions and many different outcomes and much heartache. That is why you are here in the physical. For all this knowledge to accumulate so you realise there is more than sexual love, the love between two people. So much more.

Society indeed fixates upon the sexual love and sexual union as the highest love to obtain without recognising that the universe is love. That love exists in many forms for you in the physical life. A feeling of love can be held for a tree or a spot sacred to your heart. For an animal or a piece of ground. For a friend or a kindred soul. A love of mountains that ignites into passion. A passionate embrace of doing one’s best for the world. A loving ember as you watch a life fulfilled be laid to rest. So much love and passion in this physical world of yours. You are swimming in a sea of love. You only need to open your heart to it to feel it. But herein lies the issue. People feel there is only love from one source not realising they are surrounded by waves of love. They feel that once a relationship has ended or become damaged in some way, it is best to close it off. Close down the love connection because it would only cause further emotional pain. Most people do not welcome emotional pain. Therefore they close their poor aching heart down thinking that this will protect them from further hurt. It does not. The hurt comes when they find they are unable to connect and unable to love so completely and passionately as their heart centre is closed and another centre/chakra has stepped up to take its place. Perhaps it is the “survival” chakra, the base of all things. A person can then place survival over loving. Survival is pitted against emotional hurt and it becomes important to survive instead of love. Or another chakra (solar plexus) involving acquisition and putting money and ownership of things to give security over love. There are many different devices people employ to prevent themselves loving in the fullest sense of the word. Some may love in a half measured way, ensuring they are protected from hurt…….conditional love, possessive love, familial love, a love of power, a love of words, a love of running.

So much love.

You only have to open your heart. Just allow the door to open and you can feel it. Go for a walk and it’s in the air around you, the wind caressing you or the raindrops beating on your head with joy. The flight of a bird overhead and the brightness of the greenery around you whether lit by sunlight or washed by rain. Love cannot be dismissed or disarmed. It cannot be destroyed or removed. It is continually, universally around you, within you. You breathe love and eat love. It is the essence of you. But you have lost it amongst the physical demands of this physical world. At times it is anathema to you because it makes you powerless, unable to control its trajectory. But let it loose! Love everyone and everything. If there is a negative emotion alongside it, then realise it walks alongside love. It is a separate emotion that exists in you through a fear of loving, a fear of hurtful emotion, a fear of imbalance in your life, a fear of loss of control. A fear of how completely it can take over your life. A passion that causes you to run towards it gladly. So don’t view it as running away from what you don’t want. View it as running towards your need and passion in life. The only way to see it. Because you are fulfilling the divine need in you. Running towards love. Love that will take you forward in your journey in the most delightful way. Ignore the detractors because you are in love ……..with a mountain…….or a dance step…….or the eyes of a wonderful person. Run towards love and experience life in all its wonderful form. Keep your heart intact and open by embracing love. Love is all you need. How sweet life is when you spend your time loving each moment. No regrets mount up, no whatifs, no maybe I should have done that differently. If you loved passionately in each moment how is that anything but a life well lived?

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