Death and Dying (Part One)

Death is but a journey between the physical and the spiritual worlds. As a baby is born with an umbilical cord, birthed with a placenta, so are you birthed into death with a silvery light of umbilical cord where you are attached to the body and surrounded by the expectations of death that a lifetime of physical reality has taught you. There is a gradual release not a sudden shock. We have no wish for you to come crying and wailing into the spirit world. It needs to be gradual to deal with the ideas and nuances you have picked up and now believe about the death process. It is important you know of the death process rather than believe a pathway that has to be fulfilled by those still living in the physical world with their own ideas and agenda about the process. We are not into the saving of souls or the perfect idealised dream. We wish you to awaken into truth. And we trust that the truth will resonate with you when you find it.

The journey is simple and one which you cannot avoid. It may be lengthy or short depending on your knowledge, acceptance and belief patterns. The body spends time moving gently into death. Even a subconscious awareness of an impending death is brought about gently. A sudden death is only sudden in the physical…….but known of in spirit. Yes there is always choice but the choice of your death at an appointed time is not decided upon in the physical. There is a great web of vibration and consciousness that you are part of, swept up in. Although you are spirit the physical world is manufactured through thought, focus and vibrational energy. So your birth and death are planned into the web of consciousness. There is a birth at a set time and a death at a set time. If you wish to leave the physical realm through an inability to work with the energy vibration due to its perceived denseness and difficulty to manage, you are given encouragement from spirit but ultimately it is your choice. And the web is altered, strands of energy manoeuvred so that you may exit as you wish.

No, there is no large room of operations, no web with a spider at its centre. There are groups of energies interconnecting. These energies support you and link in with other energies. If you wish to exit there must be a give and take of energies as you will no longer need the energy to support physical life, having chosen to re-enter the spirit world. It is both complex and simple but not needed for your understanding of the death process other than there is a movement of energies. A conglomeration at birth and a dissipation at death that must be managed.

Although the body slows and slows and slows in old age or illness the death process lasts for many weeks. For those aware of its coming there is time to put their affairs in order. A time to make their peace, look back at their memories and agree that they have done the best they could have done in the circumstances that they were gifted with. A good way to prepare for the death of the physical body.

The actual moments of death may last for a few days until you find there is more of you in spirit than there is in the physical body. The umbilicus thins and stretches as you move away from the body and become more aware of the spiritual realm and less aware of the physical realm. The thinning becomes like gossamer and thins and stretches so that once in spirit you hardly notice the separation. Initially you may hear the weeping and wailing of loved ones but that is not your concern any longer and though hearing it may draw you to them it will not last.

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