Pandemic (Part Two)


We wish to make a comment about the current pandemic. It is one of many. Yes, many will come home and they will be welcomed happily with love. They made their decision prior to their passing over when they were in spirit. This is how they have chosen to pass over. Do not mourn them for they made their positive choice to become a voice in the world for the future generations. So change can come about and benefit all.

Your world is the blade of grass in front of you that you watch closely and observe. How it grows and leans towards the sun. It’s colour with the effect of chlorophyll, the sugars it absorbs and breaks down and the life it gives to other living beings, the shade it provides etc. Meditating on a blade of grass and looking within can be a revolutionary process for you. Try it. See how you can move your consciousness to within the blade of grass and become one with it to observe and understand the processes it goes through. Its living and dying through the seasons of its life. This is just as important an understanding as you receive the learning and understanding from the pandemics in your physical world. Nothing is wasted or lost. Everything you learn from you absorb and recognise its value. One observation may not neccessarily be more valid than another. It is your perception and experience that makes it so. Your choice of which learning/ observation/ experience best serves you. A more gentle soul will only require the blade of grass to learn from and another less aware soul may need Covid-19. It is your perception of your world that brings you the best experience that you require for your learning to be the most thorough and insightful experience for you.

Covid-19 is no more serious than other pandemics. Perhaps the bubonic plague could be considered the worst to have been visited on the physical body. Especially in a time of limited medicine and physical understanding of the body’s mechanics. Medicine today is still in the dark ages. We are hoping that eventually there will be a move away from chemical medicines and a move towards light and vibrational medicine. Once it has been discovered and harnessed the world will move forward on a better footing and a greater understanding of the physical world which includes the physical body. This is not aeons of time away but a situation such as a pandemic moves people to invent and drive forward with ideas in many different areas of which medicine, virology, quantum mechanics and prior ideas of the rules of the physical universe are but a few. This is an explosion of creative energy which arises out of the combined vibrational need and push forward of the human race. A combined concerted effort to move forward united together. The times of a pandemic provides this as it has done in previous centuries. This time will pass and the human race will be richer for it. More understanding and more equality will be striven for. More gratitude and loving awareness will bring about profound change. So do not weep for those that pass into spirit for they come home happily and know they have achieved “a job well done”.

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