The Auric Field

The nervous system is a network of fine capillaries. Not in the sense of blood but as an energy transport system. The nerve endings transmit, via chemicals or electricity, the message that needs to be passed on to the next capillary/neuron. So the aura around you, infusing you, has a network of fine energy transmitting capillaries enthused through it. The network connects you to all of creation. It connects you to other people, the ground, the sky …. Your chakras are the energy nodes of the centre of the energy connection that is You. You coalesce physically around the energy centres. They dictate who you are and how you are and will be. Upon this lattice your learnings will be made. Before you choose your position in the physical (your birth) you will have countered the weaknesses and strengths in your energy centres. They will have been balanced, on advice, as to the best that can be achieved for your learnings in the physical. But they will be in balance as one is in counterbalance to another. This is not just the main chakras you see in traditional pictures of the eight chakras but there are many additional chakras e.g. for each of your organs, your fingers, your toes, at your temples, on your heels. You are a myriad of energy centres that the physical body is built around and upon. The weaknesses and strengths of the chakras will be represented in your body. And though you may have to continually uplift and strengthen one chakra this will not be the case for the stronger chakras. One counterbalances another and the weakest will need constant support for balance. If you choose to allow them to fulfil their own path and spin and shape as their wont, then you will suffer from their idiosyncrasies which will come forward to affect your life.

You are sat in a web of energy striations that infuse your physical world. How you touch a blade of grass is via your energy system first. You touch with your mind lightly and then become more focused. Then your physical aura touches the aura of the blade of grass. All before you physically touch. All this happens in nanoseconds of adjustment, assessment and appreciation. The blade of grass connects with you as you connect with it. As you decide to sit upon the grass in the park, first comes the thought, sent out through the energy centres to the park and the grass. They reach towards you as you reach towards the grass in your auric bodies. The welcome as you touch the earth and the grass is palpable, if you would slow down, focus and feel it happen. Your connection to the earth, as you sit seemingly upon it, goes deep into the ground and you receive sustenance through the threads of energy that permeate both you and the ground. Sustenance as in a physical energy that you absorb into your body and an auric energy that moves from the endless life force of the auric energy field of the earth to your auric field. And a spiritual sustenance also.

Your auric field is continually fine-tuning, assessing, balancing, connecting, adjusting the energy field it is part of and the energy field as a whole. And you control your aura and hence the field and the connection. Mostly subconsciously and spiritually, mostly as in breathing, an automatic response but also as you focus on the small things in life and the large. But it is your focus of your auric field in different directions that is magnified by your intent and focus. This is automatically counterbalanced by your chakras. You do not have to think about it apart from your initial intent and focus as in, “I will walk to the park and sit down on the grass and enjoy the view”. As you can see it is an incredibly complex system, a wonder to behold, even more wondrous than the machinations of the physical body.

All energy is vibration which becomes movement, colour and sound. So you are unique in the cosmos. The strike of your bell harmonious to another. If the sound/feel/colours are discordant then you will be uncomfortable enough to move from their vicinity. If your vibration does not chime with where you are or who you are with, you move away or you adjust your vibration and the resonance in your energy centres. This can be done on a short term basis but can be detrimental in the long term. You may adjust to a lower vibration over time to make it fit the vibration you have encountered. This will not last. Like a cork you will pop to the surface as your vibration and learnings will always encourage you onwards to be your best and achieve the vibrational energy you aspire to. All of your learnings are governed by vibrational energy. The ebb and flow. Its brilliance and its muted qualities. Its intensity and, at times, its flat, opaque or dark quality that sometimes infuses a soul. As a musical instrument that has not been tuned and its tones are flat and therefore cannot be played to its best or sound its best despite the dextrosity of the fingers upon its keys/strings/buttons. And how wonderfully the energy of a fine-tuned, well played, well chosen note can vibrate and echo out into the world for miles and through time. The beauty of how a human can resonate out into the physical, auric and spiritual realms when a true, lasting, clear, focused note is played. This is the clarity with which you must live, to achieve that which you set out to achieve when you first arrived in the physical. I say first not as in the most recent because you may have been attempting to achieve a certain focus and vibration for many lifetimes. So keep your focus. Stay true to your path and who you are. This is the aim of your lifetime. The learnings will come, the understandings will grow and your vibration will become more finely attuned in its complexity and joyfulness.

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