Essence of Tree

Each person’s journey is different…….as it must be. But there is also much you all have in common and certain synchronicities of actions that enable you to say one to another……this helped in a particular circumstance or, “try this, it helped me”. A commonality of situations and feelings across the whole human race that is disregarding of colour, creed, gender or age. In this you know you are all human. A loss to one is felt as a loss to all.

But so you can all be moved as a flock of sheep by a sheepdog or a shoal of fish. Unquestioning, without adequate reasoning, which is always a fatal combination. You must have your own thoughts and ideas and inspiration, not someone else’s. You must be strong enough to say, “I go my own way” and not follow the easy path if your instinct is to go the “road less travelled by”. Emotions and trauma may at times lead you unthinkingly down paths you would have preferred not to have taken but it is never too late to turn back or step onto another less bewildering path for the common good and your moral compass.

However you live your life please make sure you have fun along the way as the physical plane can be a hard taskmaster. Open your mind as a butterfly unfurling its wings to the sun and believe anything is possible. No, that is not a childish dream or childish imagination. Children are newly come from spirit and they have hazy memories of their eternal life. They know anything is possible from fairies to the bogeyman under the bed. Believing in fairies is a lot kinder to yourself than believing in the bogeyman. They exist…..ask any child. Unfortunately children grow into adults and the world they know exists has to become imaginary for them to fit into society and to be seen as “normal” and not to stand out in any shape or form.

If you are such a complex creature as to have layers of aura, soul, spirit, the physical outer skin and the inner organs, do you not think any other living entity is without them? You think you are unique and yes you are but you have to exist in a physical body to live in the physical and so the essence of tree also has a physical body. The essence of tree is many trees. Not pertaining to one species but many species and their essence is grounded into the earth where communication takes place. A tree will support all trees in its vicinity regardless of species but an oak tree knows how to support another oak tree and is a little less aware of nutrient makeup and environmental needs of a beech tree. Support is given but not as refined for one oak to another. The essence of tree holds the blueprint for its species and its morphic shape and resonance. Energy ebbs and flows in living and dying in trees as in humans, in plants and in animals. There are basic universal understandings that exist on the earth plane. Though they can be countermanded and a dragon may be born…….within human context of course. As the fantasy of a dragon is faced with the unbelieving science that the human race always turns to. So you have a different version to the fantasy…… ancient dinosaur or a small insect……..dragons that you can believe in.

To be in the vicinity of the essence of tree is to be held in a healing vibration. You may feel it lap at the edges of your soul as it calms your mind. Ask for a blessing and you may step forward and open your heart and mind and vibration to tree energy. It will be slow and sonorous and calming and deep and gently humorous. The one certain way to make contact with another species is always to open your heart and mind to them. Instinct and intuition will kick in and you will find yourself synchronising to their energetic vibration. A tree may not know you as human. They are aware of multiple universes as they straddle the worlds and in the importance of life and death you do not clearly factor to them. But ask……draw their attention…….be patient and their focus will eventually be drawn to you…….a microscopic dot in the field of understanding that they occupy. They will not answer a question but they will pause and turn their vibration towards you which you will feel as a gift of their expression of their living in the physical plane. You are not “only” human so a tree is not “only” tree, nor any other living entity on the planet. The molecules have been arranged to provide tree and flower and human and animal with bindings to keep the morphic fields intact. The properties of the molecules hold the morphic fields, energetic vibration and a memory of the species is always present. A human can build a hectic energy, a stressed energy, an unhappy energy but a tree is always in a steady dream state as they encompass worlds with their energetic vibration, existing and breathing, holding the world together. They are more than just wood. The older the tree the longer it will take for it to focus on you. Picnic at its feet for an afternoon and stay constantly in focused vibration with it. A younger tree may not find you or bother with you as their first years are kept busy with connecting into the network at their feet. They are too busy, too focused, too energised in their aim, to focus, however briefly, on you. If the tree is too old it may take too long for you to wait for its focused gaze as it returns from its surveillance of worlds.

If a tree is cut down it is your loss not theirs. Tree essence and tree consciousness is unchanged as, like a phoenix from the ashes, one tree dies, another is born and the balance is maintained and the circle complete. So you do not need to mourn the loss of one tree as you can continue the cycle by planting and nurturing another. Watch it grow and sit in its shade as it gradually connects into the grid that is the essence of tree.

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