A Fable

Once upon a time there was a man who lived in a quiet village with a goat for company. However the two were great friends and the whole village was aware of their friendship and generous with their company.

One day two strangers rode into their village and demanded a place to stay for the night. The villagers gladly suggested the home of the man and his goat. It was on the edge of the village and there was plenty of grazing for the horses. The men duly arrived at the man’s house. Found the man chopping wood with an axe behind his small house and explained their need. They agreed a price for their stay but said the goat had to leave and spend the night outside. The man explained his goat would be eaten as he had no guard dog but they would not be swayed. The man and his goat slept outside together while the men enjoyed the comforts of his house. In the morning they refused to pay and said the man had a house and a goat, what need did he have of their coin. The man insisted and the horsemen continued to decline and rode away. The goat snickered, ran after them and into their path. The horses reared. The men fell to the ground and their horses ran away. With the goat before them and the man behind, their choice to do the right thing became clearer once they had been reduced from the lofty heights of riding their mounts. Once on ground level without accoutrements the choice was plainer. They no longer looked down upon the man but were his equal and looked into his eyes. The goat stood side on, ready to unleash a hoof if necessary, so they faced the man and apologised.

Circumstances had changed, their view on life had changed. They had a choice when feeling powerful and took the road that was morally unsound. Once on foot, equal to the man, it was more difficult to hold on to their power when the trappings were absent. Power corrupts. The next village may have held a more damnable offence as they had got away with the first one. They were only doing what men in power do when sat on a “horse”. But there will always be a goat and a man to reckon with. The goat that trips you up and reminds you of your path in life and your moral compass. And the black clad man of your past that shows and reminds you of your past choices. Always you are betwixt and between.


We walk with you every day…..each of you. We stand by your side and hold you safely in our arms. Yet you do not always feel us as the depths of your despair are so great. Sometimes it is only at the bottom of an empty well that a small puddle of water can be found in the mud. In this dark place there is found sustenance to go on living and find a way out of the dark despair. We are the puddle of water and the light and the mud and the despair. All is one….. but your fear of loss is great in the physical world. In truth it takes much physical strength to walk a true path in the physical especially when the fear of loss is apparent. A butterfly has but a few days to live, and lives in joy……knowing no fear. Knowing its only job is to gather nectar and move from food source to food source, to keep its wings dry and leave its eggs of the next generation. This is a simple way to live, in the moment with no thought of tomorrow. But we know that tomorrow weighs heavy on the human mind. What will tomorrow become? What shape will it take? Can I affect it by action and hoping and dreaming and fighting and declaring my intent? Yes all these have a factor in the outcome that is tomorrow. The tomorrow that never arrives but is always held in your thoughts as the desired place to be. It is only when one approaches the end of life and tomorrow does not seem such a great outcome, when in the face of death and one readjusts one’s thought patterns. It is also to be realised that the present moment is the only moment though the idea of hopes and dreams is a good one. But it is what you do today that matters. How you live today that affects, supposedly, your tomorrow. Above all be brave. Be brave enough to live your life. With freedom and joy. With high intent and high moral purpose. This enables you to be true to you and the present moment then becomes absolute truth and the beauty of that creates the next beautiful moment…..and so on and so forth. This is affecting the whole world in a positive manner. Helping all individuals realise their true purpose. The cost of not adhering to one’s truth is a miserable existence as one moves from one traumatic drama to another without pause or let up. Without having time to think of the cost to one’s soul and moral fibre. One’s existence looks down into the mud and we eternally hope that in the mud can be seen the light shining in the puddle of water.

There is forgiveness for everyone because there is always forgiveness for oneself. It is never the ultimate emotion but a realisation along the path of understanding as one realises the truth in living in the physical world and that there is more to life than physical living.

One’s murderer may be one’s best friend in the spiritual realms. Only in the physical to give you service and aid your understanding of all aspects of human emotions and the associated understandings of life which may occur in those minutes of death. Unnecessary suffering is not allowed and the soul departs the body so as not to experience the actual moment of death. So with a child who is really not a child in spirit but a complete entity and has only been a child on the earth plane. Their understanding of the physical world is more limited and they stand closer to the threshold of spirit and find it easier to leave their physical body and come home. Having given service to the one that was instrumental in taking their life. The body’s passing would have happened in the final moments of physical life without their presence in the body. Their moments of terror calmed and understood as they easily attune themselves to the spiritual realm. Their murderer will go through the angst of a lifetime. Even those who seem to have no remorse will, in the end when facing their own death, have to face their own demons. Their thoughts will drag them down into an abyss, especially when attempting to attune themselves to the spiritual plane again. And they may find it difficult to regain the vibration they once had achieved as the weight of past wrongs will be all around them in the vibration they will have created for themselves. This is their abyss. And this is where they need help to realise their true nature once again. Indeed the entity that was both best friend in the spiritual world and victim in the physical world will be on hand to aid their recovery from the dark well of despair they have entered. No human escapes these moments as no human is without emotion. And in spirit, understanding one’s fine vibration has to be achieved in the fullest understanding of the human life/passage into the spirit world and their recovery therein.

A lot to be achieved for one lifetime. Forgiveness is not needed when understanding becomes apparent. Any forgiveness usually has to be forgiveness of oneself……for what one has done or did not do. This is harder than forgiving others especially when back in spiritual form.

Allow us to guide you in these times. And keep your hearts and minds open for the nudge from a spiritual helper as the physical world is manipulated to nudge you in one direction over another. You always retain your choice in these matters but you will hear or see the effect of a spiritual helper on your physical life as they attempt to aid you and clear your thinking. So your response in the moment can come from a place of truth and moral eptitude. Go in peace beloved. We walk with you.

Tick Tock (Part Two)

The movement of the hands of the clock…..tick-tock tick-tock….. represents your death being counted down in seconds. And you watch the clock constantly. So constantly aware of your death and you forget to live. Living is not procrastinating. Living is not enduring the humdrum. Living is not neccessarily the easy road. It is enjoying each moment. Squeezing all the juice out of the orange in each moment. Enjoying its sweetness. Not pausing to think,” I have no time for this”…….”I must accomplish something today. Be productive in some way”. You are not on the earth plane to be productive. You do not have the gift of the physical life for it to be squandered in moving away from your instinctive and heartfelt desires. When you die you take nothing with you but your experiences. So experience. Staying safe is an illusion. Holding onto money as a safety net and a belief in richness is an illusion. Your perception will tell you that you are poor or you are rich. So find the commonality in your life experience that proves otherwise. One person can only drink so much, eat so much, wear clothes and have possessions to a limited quantity in a day, regardless of being rich or poor. ……..You all drink. Savour the mouthful slowly and understand how it nourishes the body. Likewise with your food. Wear the clothes you love most, that express you the most, that you desire to wear. And owning things may be put into perspective. How many rooms can you stand in? How many books can you read? How many cars can you drive? Only one….and all these are momentary and fleeting. The experiences you have are the things that nourish you, that you learn from and become wise.

There is responsibility to keep time on track in your life as there must be a beginning a middle and an end. Time gives you that progression. But you do not need to believe in the degradation of the body as it ages because of time. Time does not have that effect. Your mind has that effect. Time is but a linear measurement for you to follow and weigh up your life experience. Time is necessary to bring to fruition your ideas and your dreams as they need to be experienced and learnt from. A new beginning of a craft is to be enjoyed through the use of time. Acquiring knowledge as time passes and being present in each moment of that passing.

This is a moment in time. Do not count the seconds or minutes as it passes. Instead feel the moment stretch around you with its silence and presence. It is too easy to think and feel the physical reality around you. Use the physical to acquire knowledge by living completely in the present moment but do not become the moment. Always stay aware of your spiritual self within the physical body and know that you are a deep sea diver descended to the ocean floor to find out about an unknown universe. For much of the ocean bed is unmapped and unknown as well as the creatures that inhabit their world. So you are descended in your special suit fitted with oxygen and helmet, enabling you to see but cut off from your natural world and no longer in contact apart from the most basic rudimentary connection. Does it sound familiar? See how dark and oppressive it can be in the deeps of the ocean. And think on the sunlight and warm breeze from which you had descended. One day you will return when you are ready and we will pull you back to us with comforting words and congratulations………………..The beautiful passage from time to non-time as one discards the body for spirit life. Yes many have near death experiences. Not all believe they have had them, feeling that they are but dream experiences. Many will not speak of them due to society’s disbelief. Those that do speak may be met with derision. But to each person who has the experience, a profound mark is made. They move forward in their life with a different attitude to living and a different perception.

Death is a subject many are afraid of. A taboo for your time. There may be the death of a loved one or a friend. Perhaps the death of a business, a life-long purpose. The death of a need, the death of a want. The death of a nice, well-ordered life into chaos. Death is important and many little deaths may occur in a lifetime. A soul’s purpose is to achieve mastery over such deaths, to know their limitations. It is important for the soul to win through and gain the required learnings before progression upon their path can be made. Each death that is experienced brings a lifetime many steps forward in its purpose of understanding the light and love in their lives and others. Their true purpose comes to the fore when they walk out of the wilderness and the light that was pale and befogged becomes bright, illuminating the path and others around it, before it continues on its way lighting the path of all others. A death in this way is a service to others. As their beliefs are challenged, their ideas exposed to truth and their hearts found wanting in love for others and for themselves and for life. Death is always a transition. From the dark to the light so never be afraid.

A camera is a light projection shutter closing on a click of a mechanism. A death is but the mechanism of the body clicking off as the shutter closes down. We have the camera. A mechanical being with a job to do when the finger engages and presses down on the button to start the mechanism…….the act of taking a picture. The finger is the soul engaging the body to do a job. When the button is depressed life is moving in colour as the shutter is open and light is shining on the subject. As the mechanism is released and the finger is taken from the button the job is completed and the light no longer shines on that lifetime. The mechanism is no longer needed. The picture has been taken. The camera is useless. Although the light is still there…..all around. It has just been focused and coalesced into one picture, one lifetime. There are many pictures on a roll of film.

Essence of Tree

Each person’s journey is different…….as it must be. But there is also much you all have in common and certain synchronicities of actions that enable you to say one to another……this helped in a particular circumstance or, “try this, it helped me”. A commonality of situations and feelings across the whole human race that is disregarding of colour, creed, gender or age. In this you know you are all human. A loss to one is felt as a loss to all.

But so you can all be moved as a flock of sheep by a sheepdog or a shoal of fish. Unquestioning, without adequate reasoning, which is always a fatal combination. You must have your own thoughts and ideas and inspiration, not someone else’s. You must be strong enough to say, “I go my own way” and not follow the easy path if your instinct is to go the “road less travelled by”. Emotions and trauma may at times lead you unthinkingly down paths you would have preferred not to have taken but it is never too late to turn back or step onto another less bewildering path for the common good and your moral compass.

However you live your life please make sure you have fun along the way as the physical plane can be a hard taskmaster. Open your mind as a butterfly unfurling its wings to the sun and believe anything is possible. No, that is not a childish dream or childish imagination. Children are newly come from spirit and they have hazy memories of their eternal life. They know anything is possible from fairies to the bogeyman under the bed. Believing in fairies is a lot kinder to yourself than believing in the bogeyman. They exist…..ask any child. Unfortunately children grow into adults and the world they know exists has to become imaginary for them to fit into society and to be seen as “normal” and not to stand out in any shape or form.

If you are such a complex creature as to have layers of aura, soul, spirit, the physical outer skin and the inner organs, do you not think any other living entity is without them? You think you are unique and yes you are but you have to exist in a physical body to live in the physical and so the essence of tree also has a physical body. The essence of tree is many trees. Not pertaining to one species but many species and their essence is grounded into the earth where communication takes place. A tree will support all trees in its vicinity regardless of species but an oak tree knows how to support another oak tree and is a little less aware of nutrient makeup and environmental needs of a beech tree. Support is given but not as refined for one oak to another. The essence of tree holds the blueprint for its species and its morphic shape and resonance. Energy ebbs and flows in living and dying in trees as in humans, in plants and in animals. There are basic universal understandings that exist on the earth plane. Though they can be countermanded and a dragon may be born…….within human context of course. As the fantasy of a dragon is faced with the unbelieving science that the human race always turns to. So you have a different version to the fantasy……..an ancient dinosaur or a small insect……..dragons that you can believe in.

To be in the vicinity of the essence of tree is to be held in a healing vibration. You may feel it lap at the edges of your soul as it calms your mind. Ask for a blessing and you may step forward and open your heart and mind and vibration to tree energy. It will be slow and sonorous and calming and deep and gently humorous. The one certain way to make contact with another species is always to open your heart and mind to them. Instinct and intuition will kick in and you will find yourself synchronising to their energetic vibration. A tree may not know you as human. They are aware of multiple universes as they straddle the worlds and in the importance of life and death you do not clearly factor to them. But ask……draw their attention…….be patient and their focus will eventually be drawn to you…….a microscopic dot in the field of understanding that they occupy. They will not answer a question but they will pause and turn their vibration towards you which you will feel as a gift of their expression of their living in the physical plane. You are not “only” human so a tree is not “only” tree, nor any other living entity on the planet. The molecules have been arranged to provide tree and flower and human and animal with bindings to keep the morphic fields intact. The properties of the molecules hold the morphic fields, energetic vibration and a memory of the species is always present. A human can build a hectic energy, a stressed energy, an unhappy energy but a tree is always in a steady dream state as they encompass worlds with their energetic vibration, existing and breathing, holding the world together. They are more than just wood. The older the tree the longer it will take for it to focus on you. Picnic at its feet for an afternoon and stay constantly in focused vibration with it. A younger tree may not find you or bother with you as their first years are kept busy with connecting into the network at their feet. They are too busy, too focused, too energised in their aim, to focus, however briefly, on you. If the tree is too old it may take too long for you to wait for its focused gaze as it returns from its surveillance of worlds.

If a tree is cut down it is your loss not theirs. Tree essence and tree consciousness is unchanged as, like a phoenix from the ashes, one tree dies, another is born and the balance is maintained and the circle complete. So you do not need to mourn the loss of one tree as you can continue the cycle by planting and nurturing another. Watch it grow and sit in its shade as it gradually connects into the grid that is the essence of tree.


Recovery from a painful event may be difficult to manage due to the body being depressed in many different ways. It is easy to say, “pick yourself up, begin again”. Harder for many people to do. Sadness, frustration, despair, knowing your path and feeling that you do not have the choice to follow it. These can all lead the body and mind into deep sadness from which, at times, there seems little escape. But there is…..help is at hand in the word, “little”. There is no point looking at the bigger picture…..it is too wide, all encompassing……too big, too distant. It is the little picture that can make a difference. The small change somewhere……..in your thought pattern, your lifestyle, your eating habits, your appreciation of life. A small step to make an essential difference that leads to recovery of your equilibrium.

Having your natural state of happiness depressed is not good for your mind or body, especially in the long term. So consider a small step you can take each day or each few days. To take a small few steps of exercise, a walk down the path, around the garden. To sit quietly in meditation for five small minutes. To converse positively with someone for five minutes. To pamper yourself in some small way. These are all small steps. Even to step out of bed in the morning and stretch one’s body for five minutes. Each of these make a difference to you and your body. Put them all together over time and there is a huge difference in mood and balance. Everyone can do this. One very small step to help keep their mind and body in a positive vibration. For those who are deeply depressed, and may not realise it, can also be helped in this way. The bigger picture will always be too overwhelming in these circumstances. Small adjustments to one’s own life is the best step forward.

However, many make a mis-step and decide that the only way forward is to remove themselves from the earth plane. They will be disappointed with themselves once recovered from their ordeal and now feeling whole in spirit. They will realise the opportunity was there to step forward in their vibration and work through the difficulty but they could not do this. So they chose to return home to spirit in the heat/depth of the emotion and moment. No-one will judge them or blame them for their choice. They themselves will initially be most hard on themself before realising the amount of knowledge they have acquired through their traumatic time on the earth plane. Suicide is never a positive way forward but still, knowledge can be acquired from all choices.

Why is knowledge so important? Because your only aim is to become peace, light and love. To become the essence of these. Not embodied as these but to exist in the vibration of the purest form of living entities. Once ascended to this purity, it can no longer be present or translated into physical form on earth due to its divine vibrational quality. It is too fine to exist within the base vibration of the earth plane. Only the teachings and knowledge can be passed down to other vibrations through hierarchical understanding. As one may only advance when one’s knowledge has sufficiently acquired the necessary vibration of a higher realm. That knowledge can then only be passed to realms immediately associated with that vibration. It cannot be passed to a baser vibration without having been diluted down through the spiritual realms of understanding. So Earth receives the basics of understanding due to its vibrational field. This allows many to receive many teachings but they are of a coarser based nature. And are important to understand before one can ascend through the vibrational energies to a level where one feels truly at one with the vibration and environment of one’s home.

A sojourn on Earth is always hard, always demanding. These souls that are in the process of learning are very aware of this and know the value of the lessons. But for many it becomes too much, too hard and they feel they must return home. Only to return and complete their learning at a different time with a different body.

No, you will not return literally as say, a fish. One may put one’s consciousness into “fish” and experience “fish” but not as a single fish. The vibration of a shark to a cod to a jellyfish…..all are different. It is the nuance of the vibration that one accesses. One also will not return as an animal as a punishment. There is no punishment, there is only vibration and choice. Being an animal is not a punishment. Man may punish animals but it is not something that happens as a choice in spirit. That is far too basic a misunderstanding of the vibration and love in the spirit world.

Enjoying the essence of “horse” or “dog” allows one to increasingly focus one’s vibrational energy into that entity. While there can be many moments of the general association in the vibration of “horse”, there are also moments when one can become the single entity of one horse before flowing back into the essence of “horse”. This is how vibrational energies new to the earth plane gradually become accustomed to the heavy energies of the physical world before attempting to maintain their consciousness in one physical body for the duration of one lifetime.

So animals are inhabited by many consciousnesses that have a certain vibration that they wish to explore. They do not invest their whole vibration in “horse” or “pig”. They do so to learn the quality and balance of the earth plane. Another part of their consciousness is elsewhere, perhaps in a non-physical experience. The movement between vibrations and consciousness is always flowing and ebbing. As many step forward to learn, then accept their learnings and move to another vibration within their particular vibrational band. To either progress, enjoy or deeply understand/review their recent learnings from the reality within which they have just been immersed.

There is always access to those of a higher vibrational level to enable understanding that will open the energetic field of a vibrational being. Progression is generally the aim though a passive resting phase also may be needed from time to time. Base energy is being changed to gold. Energy is refined and sifted. The base negative energy is cast away. This is still the essential essence of God and still aims to purify its own vibration. So the pool of base energy is needing refinement and to experience the physical plane. A being can use this energy to access the physical life. It can be absorbed as a key to the earth plane and discarded afterwards. This is a learning in itself as one can only access earth’s teachings through the understanding and teaching of those with higher vibrations as how to do this.

Levels of vibration naturally call to the same vibration. One would not find huge negative energies easily existing within a vibration differently attuned. This is not a concern of yours as this all becomes apparent when you are far from the earth plane. But know that those you may think of as base beings with base energies are most definitely not. They are just like yourself but have made different choices as to the conditions they decided upon to experience in the earth plane.


A collection of words does not completely reveal your heart vibration. Many times they may misrepresent or hide your heart’s true feelings, true expression. Yet your mortality is just that….a life from birth to death……..so short a time, and yet you still do not allow your heart to speak true. Maybe gestures and expressions from your face and body reveal your true emotions but so often your words do not. Words of great clarity are used to misconfigure facts and events. They are used to hide truth and bury iniquities. Words can be so precious, so useful, so loving and yet this unique form of communication is obscured with pretence and deceit. As one person lives in life with this deliberate intention, so it may attract others of the same vibration to do so as well.

The truth of words can be beautiful in their clarity. They may uplift and adore or freshen an atmosphere of heavy emotion. They can tell a story of love and loss, endeavour and survival. They can flow with stunning efficacy from a person who truly inhabits their vibrational resonance of becoming their best. So the most important thing you can do today is speak your truth as clear as a bell, as loving and non-judgmentally as you can.

Each word is powerful. One word may linger in a heart and fester for years. Or one word can be carried on a breeze through a lifetime as a person continually calls on that word for support. Rumi, the Buddha, saints and prophets, your neighbour, your lover……..all these can utter the right words at the right time to bring you clarity in your thought processes and joy in your heart.

Words are efficacious in their ability to move generations with their power. You never know from where the golden nugget of a word will appear. Maybe in print, maybe in the theatre, at a lecture, a murmur from a loved one or a child at play. Without the power to communicate in this way what would the human race be? Stunted in their emotional growth? As not all would have the ability to uplift their vibration through moving the body which can be a complete expression of emotion in those that have the ability to produce a litany of such movements.

Words are important, to use with clarity, wisely. To use them aware of their effect and humble in their presence. If you can wield words, truly you are an advocate for all the positive wellness in the world. There is no answer to a world without words. No mending of hearts and souls, no expression of love. No explanation of the joy in living, seeing and breathing.

Words are important in their sounds, their syllables. As you break them down they resonate. Each word has its own sound, which can then be amplified by the emotion and vibration behind it. So a word has far more power than you realise. As your whole persona sings out to the universe so do your words. They will resonate with you and the powerful vibration that you are surrounded by. One word can vibrate and, if said repeatedly, becomes part of you and the pure song from that one word is drawn to your vibration. You use it and it sounds good to your ear and your soul. So you use it again and it sings to you and eventually it is as easy as breathing and is part of you. This is how you become love, become unwanted, become ugly, become confident. Words can reinforce your feelings and attitudes, not just on an emotional level, but on a basic necessity of life level. Before you are able to speak you vibrate and resonate a tone, a song. The words you hear and grow attachment to become part of your song that you sing to the world. As in, “Mummy loves you”, heard over and over again.

The emotions are wonderful to embrace from one human to another but brought to life by the actual song of the words becoming nectar to the soul. A negative would also prevail, of which I will not speak, because everyone has attached a negative to their psyche and have lived the word for a long time. There is no need to resonate a negatively associated word over and over again. Look at the word, how it feels, how it sounds, how it is spelt, how it resonates and realise that each letter is joined to each other as a sound and a meaning that have come together to create a beautiful song. And you have given that song a negative connotation and absorbed it and become it in a negative way. Take apart each word until you have a string of letters, each with a unique sound and vibration. You can make each sound resonate separately and it is beautiful and clear. But sometimes you put all the letters together and create syllables and words that weaken your vibration. Why would you do this? Enjoy the word that resonates in a negative way? See how you are weakening your vibration by the way you have associated certain events/feelings, certain connotations that word has accumulated. They are not just words. Words are powerful. So if you can recognise this then you can change the language you produce and the negative sound bite or association you receive from that word.

Words can set you free if you truly allow them to sing your own special song out to the universe. The joy and passion in words spoken truly from and with the heart chakra uplifting them is a word of power, of strength, of love. Think on this. Go in peace.

Self-Worth (Part Two)

Self-reliance is an art form. You all need to be self-reliant. To have faith in oneself and one’s ability. This is part of loving oneself. Knowing how to face the world when there is a moral dilemma or strength is needed. Knowing when to be humble and grateful and when to stand up and say, “I am here…..I matter”. This is essential for your wholesome wellbeing. It is the foundation of your psyche. The bricks upon which your personality is built from childhood. Belief in oneself (faith that you know you can follow through), faith in your own ability, confidence. These are “game-changers” in your parlance.

The ego is a delicate structure. It can become overly arrogant or weakened by happenings/events/beliefs that are engendered from the physical experience you are pursuing. The experiences can be of positive benefit but can also dent a somewhat fragile ego. A narcissist will love themselves above anyone and anything around them. This is not the ego gone mad but a slight adjustment the personality has made to incorporate love into the psyche. Over compensation for having had love withdrawn from them. So their flowering did not grow straight towards the sun and the petals closed in on themselves because the sun had to be provided from within. They have no reflection other than their own. No clear judgement of how to behave due to the withdrawing of the love from their timeline at the moments when it could have had important benefit.

Love and fear go hand in hand. Fear of loss, betrayal, a damaged heart, being insufficient. So many losses abjured by love and its lack. Fear of that lack causes many to overcompensate and act in a way that fulfills the need in their wanting, the gap in their wholeness. Belief in oneself can help bypass the fear or move through the emotions it engenders. Belief in oneself as opposed to the belief of outside agencies is an important juxtaposition of one’s soul and psyche. For on belief you can build a mountain. Believing in who you are as a person, knowing your skills, faults and how your ego wishes to be fulfilled is beneficial because then you have your moral compass. Your lifetime has given you experiences from which you have benefited and incorporated into your soul. From these you have extrapolated the ways in which you wish to integrate yourself into society……to a greater or lesser degree. How society’s rules apply to you, if at all, and how you interact personally, intimately and morally.

The self-belief system you have is a basic building block of your personality. It is good to nurture it at any age. It is important when a small child but always an important learning to take on at anytime……that you are worthy of love…….from yourself, from others, from the world. Indeed you are loved and blessed far more than you know. The hardships of the world do not mean you are loved less. They are the challenges that you have decided on for this lifetime, the choices you have made. And your choices will be better understood and made when you know that you love yourself and have belief in yourself. As the Buddha informs us, “right thought, right action, right deed”.

This belief will help you make good decisions, beneficial to raising your vibration in this lifetime. Do not despair if it is a state you feel you cannot maintain indefinitely. Because remaining in the glow of self-belief will ensure you have understanding of the times when you are low/depressed/ sad and you will know it will pass. Because you know you are worthy and you know you are love. You know that you are on solid moral ground of loving oneself and knowing the world returns that love. This will bring you through the sadness as a cloud passing above you in the sky…… and you know the sun is there constantly, always. Maybe it will be hidden on a grey day but you know it will pass and the sun will shine on you and has never stopped shining on you. A cloud got in the way, briefly. You just needed a breath of air to ease it away from your perception. This is a powerful tool that you have control of. Throughout your life it will be needed. Always look to those experiences that can build your self-belief, self-confidence and moral expression in a positive way. Then you may feel your self-worth and your worth to the world and the love that continually surrounds you as a perpetual sunbeam on your psyche.

Self-Worth (Part One)

Here you are. One tiny person in the grand cosmos of life. You are but a speck on the horizon. A smallness of being.

If you feel this…….that you are virtually nothing……too small to be seen in the grand scheme of things, you are mistaken. Your value of yourself is essential to your life on earth. How can you stand in life if you have no belief in that life, in yourself, in your being, your existence? When all around you seems inconsistent and crazy, the one solid foundation, the one dependable thing you have is You. With all your faults and human conditions, with all your emotions, you know that what is most solid in life is You. Externally life may change and seem formidable and too much to bear. Internally there may be struggles as you deal with the constraints of the body. But what you have in this world is the ego of You, that you inhabit, personified by the body. Ultimately this person has been your choice of vehicle, your choice of conveyance from an unknown to a known learning. Without this wonderful body, whatever form it takes, you would not have the wonderful learnings you currently experience.

The important factor in this is You. Your belief systems, your self-worth, your perception and understandings of the realms of earth and spirit and all inbetween. This is what makes you You. You have woven a cloth to shape you and express you. The body is your expression of your innermost thoughts and beliefs and behaviours. The outer world is influenced by how you see yourself in the physical on earth. Believe in yourself, because truly, anything is possible in this world where thought forms are pre-eminent.

It is imperative that you believe in yourself. Believe that you are embodied due to your pursuit of the betterment of yourself. That only positive learnings can come from your outcomes, however negative they may seem at the time. Believe that you are worthy. Believe that you can reach out and touch the stars. For indeed you can. With a thought, as a star reaches to a star, reaches to its own. Just as water will collect and run together to form a puddle and then a stream, so does stardust call to stardust. The minuscule atoms of stars exist in the makeup of your physical body and can play the same note as a star in space. For you are all one and your experience can also come from where your mind and thought patterns take you……maybe to the stars.

For those whose ideas are more earthbound and close to home, it is important that you feel of value……to yourself and to others. Firstly to yourself. That you can see that you are worthy. This is shown by the very fact you exist and are learning in the physical. Only those who are the bravest, most focused, most wanting of the experience to uplift their vibration come to the physical earth plane. It is not a place for beginners exactly. It is a hard schooling for those that wish to refine their vibration by an experience in the physical. There are other experiences to be had in different vibrational realms but none are as exacting as the earth plane. The only instance of a “beginner” is one that has sojourned there for the first time and needs to walk before they can run. These people will not be highly complex people. Their mission will be on learning how to live in the physical rather than achieving a life of merit. They will need to understand and experience the basics only and most will be looked after by others in their lifetime. And some will be short “taster” lifetimes. It is a difficult experience to be born in the physical and feel the confinement of your spirit and the negativity of your world. So be aware when you see a short lifetime occuring or a person that would be challenged beyond the basic abilities of living, breathing and experiencing life more gently because they need others to guide their path. This is a learning also for their mentor who would perhaps have incarnated before them in order to become their parent/teacher/best friend/close family member on earth. So the new spirit to the earth plane may be an old spirit, but new to this “hothouse” of earthly vibration.

Be good to yourself, gentle, and realise the great revelation on earth that is you, is becoming more, minute by minute, day by day as each moment teaches you more and more. Attend to your coming into alignment with yourself. Knowing that your thought patterns are paramount and affect everything round and about you, internally and externally. So refine your thought pattern to refine your vibration. And know that if you have chosen this body and deem it worthy of your choice then your approval of your vehicle is tacit. You have made a good choice. See how your body gives you the experience of the physical plane. See how the senses communicate the solidity of the physical world and the excesses that may be experienced. But understand all the while that this is your choice. Your experience is deemed worthy by your choice. So how can you not feel worthy of this choice? You have backup in the spiritual realms and they/we do our best to keep your vibrational alignment in balance. But the feeling of unworthiness is difficult to oust as it strikes at the very core of a person’s soul and understanding. If you are on the earth plane you are worthy as you have to undergo enormous challenges that strike hard at your self-worth. But your knowing of who you are (spirit) and your life’s mission (to better oneself and bring oneself to a higher vibration) will enable you to understand the challenges you must face. Loving oneself is one of those challenges and must be understood and overcome for your positive thought patterns to become an expression of your physical/external world. You are doing an amazing job because even in the depths of despair you are finding learnings and acting upon them and receiving them into your psyche and spiritual understanding. No experience is a negative experience. No thought becomes lost to the world. You are magnificent. We see it. Now you believe it.

The Physical World

In doing your best to be the best for and of yourself, with your diet, your fitness, your living conditions, your education, one must also question the origins of your food and your electricity, your waste and profligate use of the world’s resources. These are not finite. Addressing these factors too is a step in the right direction for providing for oneself in a morally acceptable way. However, the world is how it is meant to be. There are those who need to be activists and spokespersons for their particular charity or organisation whether saving oceans, wildlife, miscreants or domestic animals. Their need is to feel they are accomplishing something good and powerful in their own lifetime. But conversely it is a fact that if they did not have a strong need, then the need for their action would not be there. They have created, with their thought patterns, a world in need, animals in danger. Their focus has intensified a threat to the world. If a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world is the breeze felt on the other side of the world? If the focus and intent was not on the lack and destruction regarding rainforests and oceans would the activists be necessary? Would it be happening? You say “Yes”, and that it would be like condoning a murder by just closing one’s eyes and allowing it to happen. But would it? If the world is exactly how it needs to be then it doesn’t matter if there are activists or not. The world is perfect in its damaged state. It is just a matter of rearranged atoms and molecules.

Thought is where you need to become an activist. Marshall your own thought patterns onto a positive wavelength. This is the first thing to be done. Think of the world whole and healthy, not damaged and in the throes of destruction. Seeing the world so continues its plight. In reality it is whole. It is perspective. From our perspective the world is whole and perfect. From your perspective, death and destruction. The world needs a rearrangement of its molecules so that it appears wholesome and well to you. This begins with your own thought patterns. Think into being its perfection rather than dwelling on its damage. The thought patterns will effect a strong change in the oceans and in different countries where wildlife abounds. You do not realise the power of a positive focus with positive thoughts about something that once had a negative connotation. You underestimate the power of thought. You still do not realise the power of the focus of the mind. If all is thought and vibration then how are the oceans polluted? How are wild animals losing their habitat? How are there billions inhabiting your world? Are there? Or are you in your world with your perspective seeing brown when another sees blue?

This is how one person achieves their learning from life. The balance they achieve within their belief of the need for action with regard to the oceans, forests, wildlife. It is not needed as humans will come home and then be redistributed. But it is a good narrative for humans to be involved in. Their caring for another may begin with a dog or cat or turtle, whale or beach. It may be the door through which they find love and self-respect, through which they find their moral compass.

If the world is devastated it is because you think it to be devastated and if the world is beautiful and in harmony it is because your thought patterns perceive it to be. Thought comes first! You all need to activate your response in your mind and see the world as a whole and not damaged and needing healing. Then each of you will find your patch of earth is beautiful, as you view it and tend to it and believe it to be the best it can be. Then it is.

So simple yet seemingly a difficult concept for humans when all they believe is the physical world they see and touch with their physical senses. There is so much more to embrace/understand/perceive. Hopefully these words will allow a chink of light, of thought, to enter the solidly physical mind and allow a question mark to be entered and held over the possibility that the physical senses may not hold all the answers to their questions, to the fulfilment of their living.

Living in the physical does not mean you have to block all input/thought/visitation from the spiritual realm. Allowing the communication from other realms gives you a richer environment to play with. Allow your mind to open and receive and your views on the physical world will change. As you will see the idiosyncrasies of the physical world are self-fulfilling and engendered by negative thought patterns. When you become more your environment becomes more and this is how you develop to your full potential. So now you understand that for some the oceans are polluted and they need to work towards clean oceans because they are fulfilling their destiny/path and uplifting their vibration towards one of a more understanding, more informed vibrational edge of creativity. Their greater understanding can bring about great change. All is not as it seems.

Staying positive in a negative world

How to stay positive in those times when you feel the pressure of internal and external events/happenings pressing upon you and having an effect of negativity on your psyche.

There are many things you can do physically to stay in the momentum of being positive. Move your position. Literally move from one chair to another knowing that the chair you move into holds more of a vibrational uplift for you. That the vibration in that chair will impact you in a positive manner. Use as many chairs as you need. And then dance, sing, give thanks that you are alive. Be grateful.

You may walk outside and feel the wind and the sun and the rain. Feel the cold as the wind whips around you. Feel the pinpricks of the rain as you become soaking wet. Feel the heat of the sun bake your skin. Through walking just outside your door you know you are alive and can feel the excitement of life in every pore of your body. Instead of covering up and cowering down from the elements, embrace them. Feel how they connect you to the ground and the circle of life and be grateful for that purposeful intense connection. If you are able to walk in nature with bare feet and bare skin, your connectedness will be sublime. The earth will welcome you as her own and your vitality, perception, sexuality (the basis of life after all) will be noticeable and you will know the joy of being alive in the moment.

Alternately go inwards in meditation and track down why you are feeling negative. Chase it to the root cause and dig it out, examine it, swallow it, accept it, and once known, it can be discarded or adjusted.

Or use a guided meditation to walk and meet friends and spirit animals and generally have a wonderful exploration of the pathways of your mind. Or meditate on an item in front of you…….an apple or a candle flame for example. Empty your mind and become the apple or flame. This will return your equilibrium to you. Sit near water or bathe in water. Appreciate the feel of your body within the water. This will satisfy and calm the body as it feels its freedom in the buoyancy of the water. Breathe deeply and watch yourself breathe. Lose yourself in the meditation of breathing or walking. Music can be useful too but be careful of your choices as the vibration can have a negative effect on the body if it is not conducive to your vibration. There are many things you can do but being grateful is the one thing that will align you with your higher self as you will see that you are blessed. Indeed it may help to write on a sheet of paper all the things you are grateful for. Breathing could be the first on the page……and then everything is a plus from there. (smiling)

We understand that life at times feels too difficult, too painful, too taxing to endure. This feeling will pass……If you change your perception from one of what you don’t have to what you do have. On one’s deathbed all you will wish to take with you is a life well-lived. All else you leave behind. So it all will pass in time. But not before you have found your gratitude in life and allowed that to be your mainstay over and above your fear of misery and death. You are all children in this as people are only beginning to realise that the equilibrium and balance to be achieved in one’s mental health is important to every human. This is affected by food, drink, exercise, all nourishment and perception of one’s state in life. How one associates with other people…….not too much……..not too little. One must be able to be resilient in one’s own company, one’s conducive environment and working conditions. All these factors are important and can be acted upon by you to ensure you remain in a positive state. It is always your choice.