I have enormous belief that we are so much more than we realise. And my life purpose is to share that knowledge with as many people as I can.

My experiences have given me a depth and breadth of understanding and enough peace and vision to enable spirit to deliver these words. These words are not mine yet belong to me insomuch as it is my higher self in the spirit world who uses my brain, imagination, words and experience of life to enable delivery of these missives. Each is precious and I have a gratitude and respect for both the words and the process of their delivery.

This is not automatic writing. Rather, it is delivery of a block of a few words that must be written down before I receive the next communication. This is the first time any words have been put into the public arena and the writing begins simply. I doubt I will understand or agree with everything that is written here, but hopefully it will open our minds, generate questions and encourage us to think.

Words will appear here fortnightly on a Friday. Please feel free to comment on posts, get in touch and subscribe for updates.