Chakras (Part Two)

The collective unconscious mind moves as a one-celled amoeba. It has no preference for in which way it moves. It inclines towards the greater good, as in all beings, survival is the uppermost thought. The greater good is implied or directed by your moral compass. Each individual wields their own moral compass differently. Each person has one. Though their justifications for various actions are solidified by which way their compass blows. An individual having an insight into his own being and the whys and wherefores of how their compass operates, is a more finely tuned individual than one who relies upon his judgment only……..where a bias can occur. Individuals are always known for their repressive tactics when they have a desire or need to fulfil. The moral compass is put back on the shelf. However, each individual is a part of the collective and contributes to the overall group consciousness of humanity. So, no matter what they profess on the outside, and their actions thereof, it is the internal thought processes that really matter, that have an input into the overall group consciousness.

There are many different group consciousnesses, subdivisions of the consciousness of humanity. Not divisions as you might think…, women etc. No, the divisions are more grouped around the active energy centres of each human. As each human possesses the requisite number of energy centres so different individuals have a different way of living. A different perspective, a different understanding, based on the chakras that are most prominent, most thoroughly used, most in sway. It could be that the throat chakra is in great use and the vibration that comes in on that chakra is identified with and by others. They hear it, feel it, resonate with it. That vibration gives them a way of being, an understanding on that vibrational level. An understanding of life, the world, people, everything that they have a thought about. Other chakras will also impinge with their vibration on the human thought process….which includes the body. However, the energy centre that is most prominent will have first control in the physical world. It is a two-way system of course. You are a bead on a string of pearls. There is an incoming vibration and an outgoing vibration. Continually you are attuning to the new vibration. At times this may be easy and at times difficult. Especially when you are being asked to fine tune your energy and become more than you feel you are.

The energy centres of your body keep you well; keep you attuned to that energy, keep you in balance. You have free will, always, to step away from the energy and concentrate or focus on the energy of another vibration, another flow. This, however, will be a temporary diversion, much as the change from writing to procreation to eating. Energy centres are brought into play for all aspects of life. One having most influence, then another. They are vital aspects of energy in your physical and auric fields. Not necessarily small and body-sized but sometimes quite large and stretching outside the body. This is rare as the natural formation is to link you and your centres through and to the auric fields. Human intervention can affect the size of the energy centres….alcohol, drugs etc. Can adversely influence the active balanced chakra into a shape change, becoming sloppy in its revolutions and consequent shaping. But still the chakra will do its best to complete its cycles and give you the finest connection it can give despite any handicaps you may have conferred on it.

The chakra that governs you will always be the strongest, most well-formed, vibrationally charged energy centre that is working to the optimum. If they are all so equally very highly tuned, you are well balanced and aware of their workings. Then you have choice and can choose which energy centre it is beneficial to work with. Rather than be dictated to by your energy centres when you are unaware and unbalanced, as in anger or overwhelming sadness.

The chakras continually provide your lessons as they pull in energy and then you radiate both individual and a combined energy out to others. So… attracts like. And the individual energy is shared to the group consciousness which is an energy level of the whole. And together they radiate out a oneness of being. For example, individuals with a lifestyle focused on greed, acquisition, rage, duplicity. They will pull in energy to support their wants and needs. Their universal need would be for power, acquisition, violence, revenge etc. Those vibrations would be pulled into their chakras as their desires, wants and needs……how they expect the world to be. But their system is constantly balancing and rebalancing. Always to their highest good to effect a fine-tuning of their vibration. Their compass may not be in evidence or it may be in effect in some form, but they will be actively fine-tuning to a finer vibration yet still governing their wants and needs through base actions e.g. the phrase, “honour amongst thieves “.

There is a positive vibration in everyone. There is a natural leaning towards the positive growth as a person. The chakras are powerful energy factories in this. Powering the system, pulling in energy and vibrating out the nuance of an individual. Even with an individual operating from a base action and thought, the individual is still moving towards a more finely tuned vibration. It may not seem evident initially and may be happening slowly, but an individual is always changing. That is life. There is no permanence……..all is change. That individual is still moving with divine purpose towards enlightenment of his thought processes and of his being. This may come through hard choices, difficult times, painful events. There may be a small shift or an enormous leap in vibration, but everyone is moving at different speeds towards enlightenment that is a knowing of their place in the cosmos. Baby steps are absolutely fine.

Everything is in balance and humanity will take the vibrational leap as one entity. Yes, individuals can come to “enlightenment” or “knowing” at various times in the history of the world. Many do quietly. But they too are held in the balance of vibration that is humanity.