The Honourable Man

To have in one’s hand an honourable idea of an individual’s lifetime. To read that lifetime from birth to death and see an honourable man. It is to see a blessing on earth. For this person shines a strong decent light on his pathway so he clearly knows exactly where he/she* stands. In every generation there are those who can stand before their peers, show humility, and yet shine their truth to others. They may not be obvious, well-known or celebrated but they are there. Look for them. Their words have value, their ideas are creative and full of life. They have something to offer you…….something to teach you. Maybe not all of their humanity is perfect in its creation but their intent in life is good. There are also those whose intent is to harm and uncreate, bring down, forcefully pull apart. This is their creation. Something new always forms from the ashes of the old.

A used up bottle can be washed, recycled, refilled for a new product. Even with humans……..the analogy doesn’t appeal? That you can be likened to an old plastic bottle, recycled and new water put inside. Are you not formed from the earth? Your molecules brought together and grown inside your host/mother. Everything of her becomes you, everything she eats becomes you. The food from the soil becomes you. Where your bones were laid and your body rotted is recycled and your body is now of your body and other bodies. You hold their history in each molecule of your body. Through the air you breathe and the water you drink and the food you eat. Your universe is alive with the once formation of others. Their strongest moments and saddest, their love and daily life. Each molecule you feel, you can access. They are not pre-lives. They are now. In intimate connection with you. Past lives are not past lives. There is no time continuum. There is only present lives. But if you wish to view this as past lives do so. It is a moment of knowledge ready for when you are ready for it. Meanwhile, past lives in your time continuum have a trajectory forward and back. There are other aspects to this. Life is not a two dimensional plane. How many dimensions can you observe? Three? Four? However, there are many different planes of existence in many different time frames including the lack of time. Time is a motivational part of your life. There are times for eager acquisition of knowledge and play when you are young. And furthering your knowledge of people as you grow. Relationships, experiences all related to time and its impetus. This, however, causes a short life span and a winding down of the body. Without the concept of time your window of opportunity would be greater but less intense. Thus is time a motivational pressure on your life. In other dimensions, where life is more plastic and malleable, the steps forward may not be so great or prolonged, because the pressure and impetus of an earthly life is not there. So be grateful for age and wrinkles. They are a badge of honour for your “time” on earth.

And back to the honourable man. The one who lives his best, in truth, however he clings to this existence. He does so truly to his own convictions. He knows each step on his path is sound because he is truthful to himself. Therefore he carries the molecules of other souls lightly, their memories not impinging on his defined hopes and dreams……..which all have. The molecules carry memories. Each has an isotope within it, of souls and sea and this physical world. You are made up of many voices. And the soul that walks with your body now, can listen to those voices. Hear them and they will guide you in many directions. All life is in you. Do they not demand respect and honour for their passage on this earth? Will you not give them homage for their experience of life? Do you really need a whole person in front of you to say, “Yes, I see you”. If that person is whittled down to bones do you not honour their resting place? So the bones of your long distant ancestors now reside in you through your own body’s need to live on this earth. The bones are turned to powdered dust and scattered on and below the earth. Be assured they have found their way to your body also. Even if only one molecule of an ancestor is within you they deserve the respect and honour you would normally give your dead. It is but their memory of their time on earth that you honour….their experience and knowing. But an honourable man knows this in his bones and places each foot in front of the other honouring his step on the earth and respecting those who have lived before him.

* There is no he/she in spirit. But the male view is prevalent in your society. There is no bias towards gender. All are equal. There is no gender. But the writing needs to flow smoothly without stuttering over your need for gender. Then “he” is used instead of “ the human persona”.

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