The Flow of Life

Everyone needs answers. They look for results. An answer. A positive or negative outcome. A final result. Those answers are not the end. They are the beginning of the next question, the next phase of life. Lift your vibration to the light and allow the answer. Allow life to unfold easily.

For each outcome there is a continuing wave of desire. The answer is never the end. Prohibiting an outcome with your desire as to its ending will not be helpful. Widen your vision and allow it to proceed as it will. As we would like.

The first question in life…..”Can I breathe?” The last question, “Can I breathe?” The lifetime in between is a series of questions and answers. Answers that you provide to fit your questions. Your whole existence and perspective is built on the questions and solutions you yourself provide. If the ground is easy and trouble free the questions are shallow and easy. “Is my coffee cold? Is the sun too bright? Do I need sunglasses or an umbrella?” Or the deeper questions, “Will I survive? Will my body endure this pain? Will tomorrow be another day on this planet for me?” Deeper questions give deeper answers, give a deeper existence. Eventually we all hit a deeper question. A “how to survive this” question and we dredge our experiences to date to come up with a way through the morass. Sometimes there is nothing to help define the answer and we have to improve our deeper questions with deeper thoughts. This then evolves to an answer that may be inadequate but is a beginning of an answer to an insurmountable question/problem.

Begin with a shallow question that can help define the day. “Where shall I walk today? How shall I walk? With joy or sadness? Lightly or heavily as though I am weighed down with stones? Gaily, happily, or dejected and impossibly at odds with the world?” All is one. The world will still happen. The planet will still revolve on its axis. It is your life that will be affected by the questions you ask of your reality. “Is this my best way forward?………or this?” Instead, become the answer to your question. Light up, raise your energy. Be positive in the moment. That changes your perspective and your life experience. It has a momentum all of its own. Despair does not help…… brings more despair. So nip it quickly in the bud when it arrives as the answer to a question. Raise your energy. Your questions can be deep and remain positive.

Freedom from the momentum of a question will only happen through meditation and relaxing the mind. Allowing the mind to defuse the stress of the day. Relaxing into the moment where the moment is everything to you. This freedom can then be allowed to participate/spread through your daily life. And all answers become infused with the peace of, “what will be, will be”, allowing the positive outcome. Allowing life to happen and greeting it anyway with a positive answer. Always being aware of the negative response but not dwelling on it. Instead choosing, positively and definitely, the allowing of your life to unfold. Instead of embracing the blockage of, “No. I will not. I can’t. Definitely not”. Allowing the positive aspects of your life to flow instead of putting boulders and quicksand in your path. “This path is sticky. I will stay here, I know this stickiness. I know its depth and texture. I may be stuck but I know this state…… is safe”. Even though solid ground is beyond. When you take the negative with, “It only looks solid. It’s a big jump to get there. Can I jump? Is it solid? Will it dissolve when I reach it? Is it an illusion of solidity?” , it is better to jump and trust. Even if you do fall to your knees as you hit solid ground. Because you are on your knees on new ground and inevitably, with a positive answer, you will stand. Rather than remain stuck in the safety of being tarred to the path. “I can’t move. I’m stuck in this. I can’t jump. This is too big to pull myself out of”.

There are many different answers to all these different questions. Your life progresses as to each one that is answered. The vista opens or closes as to the answers you provide. A difference to living large or living small. In the response to a question your reality is made of the answers you provide to these questions. It expands or contracts in correlation. Do not expect a negative………there is always a positive to be found. Use it and move forwards.

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