Today is a day for new things. A beginning of co-creation for you. Co-creation is a gift that humans have. To come together and create…….something new and joyous. It is done in the physical and in the abstract. It may not always seem essential but is a good way to flex the creative muscles you all have. To unite for a common cause is a joyous thing.

Today we have a common cause. To raise the vibration of mankind in order for them to progress their societies to a higher more valued way of living that is inclusive of every human. Only by working towards high common goals will others be encouraged to do so. To raise ethics and morals and new ways of living. In its co-creation humankind may accomplish this……..with a little divine inspiration………

But the willingness and drive comes from those souls already on earth. As each one person grows and pushes his idea to creation……so do others. And humankind moves forwards collectively, spear-headed at different times by different individuals. These individuals may seem corrupt and morally defective at times but they are doing their best and forwarding the goal they have decided on in spirit life. Their humanity may cause them to deflect from their pathway but, inevitably, their spiritual goal drives them on. This is not with regard to doctrine or religious fervour. This is the electric car and neuronal pathways of the mind. Each creation building on the next. Raising the vibration of the planet, slowly, steadily. Supporting new inventions, new ideas, new goals, new hopes, new dreams, is humankind’s step forward into a new vibration. Positive co-creational thought made manifest. The drive of new ideas is constant and overflowing and humankind will step forward into their inheritance, gradually, beautifully, co-created from thought.

There is no limit…….just the limitation that can be put on minds by others. Co-creating is a positive endeavor. Moving together as one body bringing forth the manifestation of an idea that benefits the human race. Some ideas are cast aside as their momentum ceases and a new way forward is found. It doesn’t mean the original idea is a negative or defunct. It means that the energies of those involved see a new way forward that is better and more inclusive for humankind.

Always the inspirational thoughts are brought to them. Maybe during sleep hours or in daydreams, waking dreams, when we can get close to share, nudge and inspire. Some are already in place with their vision they first engendered with. Their whole purpose for this lifetime. Those lynchpins who have volunteered to help push humankind forward to a time when each human is valued and able to achieve their potential. When each human is equal and unique and seen as a blessing for their individuality. There will still be a life to live with all its encroaching interactions and challenges, but the human life will have more potential and more achievement on this planet. That is a good first step….a good aim. And one we are all working towards. The choice is yours. To stay still or move forwards. To move forwards in leaps and bounds or to crawl forwards at a snail’s pace. Time is immaterial. The world will happen. Humankind will continue to survive and evolve until this is achieved. And then…….we can move further into the intricacies of the human soul/brain/body/lebensraum to raise the humankind vibration even further. Presenting new challenges to the evolving life on Earth. A new generation of evolved life form on Earth. There is much to be done………..Begin now!

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