Healing (Part One)

Thoughts from people……..moving out, away from them towards other people. Warm thoughts, happy thoughts, gregarious thoughts, uplifting thoughts. These are all healing thoughts. Thoughts put into another person’s escrow that they can draw on if they choose. Their healing is not up to you. It is up to their acceptance of their pathway and whether it is right for them to accept the healing thoughts. Many are happier if you send them warm thoughts or uplifting thoughts. Healing thoughts can be a little presumptious on behalf of the sender that they will do the job of healing. The healing is dependant on the recipient’s state of mind and whether it is conducive to the life they have or want. Rejection of healing thoughts is sometimes due to the observation, by the recipient, of the person who has sent them. If the vibration is “off” between the two peoples then a true healing vibration does not happen. If the recipient is happy to receive healing thoughts, and if the recipient is on a similar vibration as the sender, then healing can occur. Healing is a complex occurrence that only the body that has a need of healing can accomplish. Their timeline is also kept in mind as to whether healing is better accomplished now or in two weeks or two years time. The thoughts can stay in escrow for as long as needed and are there to draw on at the right time. The escrow is in the aura, held in abeyance, around the physical body. Available immediately and fully when the person says to itself, “I can be healed”, “I am ready to be healed”. So all good, warm thoughts are put to use at the right time. Do not stop sending them, thinking they will not be used. They do not go stale and rarely are they used immediately.

The warmth that is felt in one healer’s hands and the warmth that is felt in one recipient body is the correlation of their vibration in one place as it is raised to a high vibration. They both sing the same note and a connection is made. They both feel and acknowledge the connection in the warmth. It is up to the recipient body as to whether it discharges the warm thoughts to aid healing. No healer can heal in a way that overrides another’s life purpose or the objective of their life. Both parties are fulfilling their needs. Both parties are happy in the give and take. That is what is needed for healing.

Psychic surgeons are governed by the same rules. There is illusion……as all is illusion…….as all is thought form. So psychic surgeons operate with thought forms. Manipulate thought forms. They believe in their ability and their thoughts form what is needed. The recipient lines up with their thought forms and there is an adjustment in structure of the thought form of the recipient. Both surgeon and patient believing a physical operation has actually happened when it is the powerful wielding of thought form that has occurred. Just as in the physical reality of a physical surgeon, physically operating……… Another thought form. When both surgeon and recipient are aligned in vibration.

The body knows when to accept healing and when to not accept. The only healing that is done is via thought forming, reforming and becoming a new thought form inside a vibration. Vibration must align in those present for the healing to occur.

Absent healing is similar. It is thought……..warm, joyous, happy thought sent to another, that can overwhelm the amount of sad, negative thought that a soul carries. This must be observed to be understood. As a person can stand there, quite dejected and in despair. But turn around and bestow on them a genuine, large, warm smile sent from your heart and it can uplift instantly, be held in escrow forever, to be drawn on at will. A permanent memory or imprint on someone’s vibration……on their consciousness. Everyone can heal because everyone can smile from their heart. Challenging for some at times, but it is a personal mission for each soul……..to align with their own heart, their own true vibration. So even the lost, and the sad, the desperate, may one day smile from their heart and in doing so reacquaint themselves with all the smiles they have received in their past. This can hold them in place, rather than them deciding, too early, that it is time to leave their body before their time on this planet has given them the learnings they wanted to achieve.

Healing is all around. You float in a sea of healing……..of good thoughts and happy smiles. It is your decision whether to accept them into your body. Is the vibration true and is it cognisant of its ability to heal? Will it conform to the needs of the recipient? Will it fit their needs or be held in escrow until needed? Healing is a complex operation. This is a very simplistic view but shows the basic premise one has to operate from. I hope you are enjoying the puns as much as I.

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