Good Choices

Free will is a right each human possesses. The relevance of a person’s will during their lifetime is essential as to their wellbeing, their happiness…….the aim of their life. Their free will pulls them onwards as their desires grow and manifest.

Free will in the modern age is increasingly difficult to isolate/act upon/find. As each person is told what to wear, how to talk, how to think, what is beautiful, what is not beautiful. The great god of mammon holding forth on every possible subject. “Believe this……..Do that. Take that medicine. Eat this plant. This will make you well”. All aspects of your lives are governed by suborning your free will.

Your intuition and connection to yourself………your relationship with your trueself will keep you grounded. Align yourself with your true thoughts and a true way of being and thence a true freedom of your will. It must be your will that prevails, your strength that you lean on in times of need. Your strength that shows you which way you need to go in this world. It is so important to follow who you are rather than become who you are not. This is your innate spiritual intelligence, where you know the best way forward and the best way for your body, mind and soul to live. They need your unfettered free will to flourish.

So do not be taken in by others wants and needs. Find your own and follow them. Stay true to your life purpose. Wear green when everyone else wears black. Stand alone in a forest when the bulldozer arrives. Take the tram instead of walking. It all has a purpose……..sometimes an unseen purpose. Taking you away or towards pivotal moments in your life. Each decision, no matter how small, needs to be governed by unchained, uninfluenced free will, so you may follow and divine your life’s purpose.

Free will is the arrow that takes you towards your true destiny. Do not prevaricate with other people’s ideas, their views, their will that they wish to exert upon you. They are entitled to their free will of thoughts and actions purporting to push you in the right direction. Decide for yourself. Do not become sheep. Align with your true purpose. Listen to your heart and do not let it be clouded by others’ thoughts. Do not allow it to be judged as wanting by others. This is your free will and your thoughts. No other person has dominion over you. You follow your path not theirs. There may be similarities but do not be swayed. As you are unique and your thoughts are unique…….as is your path.

Free will is the act of allowing divine intervention. If you have a true uncluttered, unfettered connection to source, your free will, will show you the true path. And whether to slide, skip, run or walk forward slowly, simply, on that path. It gives you the how, what, when and where. An uncluttered view of life, simple in its trust of the connection from source.

How the line of connection from source shines as a beautiful, true, simple, strong, golden rope of love and purpose from spirit to you. So in life you are never alone, always inspired to be your best. To do your best in any given moment. It is whether you allow the free will connection from source to your heart to prevail against all the other sources in the physical world. All seemingly benign, but truly against the search for your true purpose in life. Which is to lift up your heart, the eyes of your soul, by living a life of good choices.

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