The physical world has an outer sheath of being. A physicality that is also beyond its boundaries. Looking at concentric circles (as an illustration), it has inner layers and outer layers. So it is with the physical world. It has inner layers of being and outer layers. It is not at the bottom of the concentric rings, it is somewhere in the middle. Being precise would not help your understanding, as the knowledge that there are infinite layers is sufficient for you to comprehend the vastness of creation, which your brain in this physical dimension would have difficulty understanding.

There are many of your lifetimes spent in many of the realms of these concentric circles. Multitudinous lifetimes, learning, co-creating, living. All learning how love can make a difference wherever you stand in the universe. Love and peace. The concept of which is different to wherever you stand on the wheel of concentric circles.

To understand peace one must experience dissent, hate, diametrically opposed views that spill into violence.

To experience love, one must learn how to be in the moment…… a state of grace. As a receiver and giver of love. A node through which love flows to and from mankind. This love is a constant for you to tap into. It exists permanently. And in your purer moments you feel it and filter it into the physical layers of your existence. This is needed for your physical wellbeing and your emotional and spiritual health. It is an essential………a right.

And most of all one must love oneself. Appreciate oneself. Know that you are doing the best you can in an imperfect world. Love is the important element in all of your being and doing in the everyday physical world. An open heart for all people to share in. Together with the drive that love achieves more than hate. That it drives passionately towards elevated goals and links all of humanity in interconnectivity with every and all connections you make in this world. From animals to microbes, energy waves and thought processes. Love is the guiding force that permeates your being. As you become attuned to that love, your life takes on the love that you have for your relationships, where you live, your interactions, your food, your leisure and work.

Love is not one emotion…… is many. A myriad of feelings encompassed in one word just as the Inuit words for snow are many. To be in love with yourself, your work, your creativity, your relationships and making things happen is your goal. So living in the moment becomes a passion because you love and live so joyously that your one aim is to feel the ultimate state of grace and feel blessed and loved in each moment. That exciting stillness of the soul and mind………aware of the love that permeates the physical plane and beyond. This is the only way to live. Why waste your life on anything but the best way to live?…….. in the moment, passionately, non-judgmentally, open-hearted, creatively. Experiencing this physical world in that mindset and you will literally see it differently. Colour and contrast, focus and intent will all become sharper, cleaner, vibrant, as you tune into the energy system of the universe.

It is only difficult if you say it is difficult. This is a lack of belief, wanting, intent, passion.

So first love yourself. The eye of your concentric circle. Live that love first before allowing it to ripple gently outwards through those circles emanating from you at your core. Let love ripple gently outwards to the people around you, your environment, your creativity, your wants and your needs. This gentle outward flowing of love leads to a knowing vibrance of the world around you. A gentle, loving, understanding but developmental space for you in which you can thrive. As you were born to do.

Everyone has the one joint endeavour…… learn and feel and know that love is the one uniting energy in the universe. And it is a constant. Waiting to be tapped into. Like an electric switch that needs turning on for the light to permeate everywhere. That is the one joint aim of the human race. But it all begins with the central core issue of truly loving oneself. From the pure full love of loving oneself can one then use it to flow outwards, from the molten core of your being, as a node: to carry love through to your world; another human; animal; microbe; leaf; atom. And the world lights up. And all is suffused with the light and peace, wellbeing and growth that comes from truly loving all that is within you and without.

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