Dream Like A Bear

This is a time for self reflection, as we come to the end of one year and begin another. A time to reflect on the good that has happened and to also reflect how one might have done some things differently. This difference and new thinking are what we can take into the beginning of a new year. With a determination for the next year to be more riotous and joyful, more perfect in each moment. Do not live in monochrome. The passions of the colours of life in all their intensity are there to be lived if you so desire. Many do not see the Autumn/Winter as an opportunity to shed the old and bring in the new with Spring. But each season is apt for your living.

In Autumn……..the browns, reds and golds. The browns of dry discarded thoughts, ideas of old ways of being; the reds of passions in your life and the gold glints and hints of what is to come. These are all felt in the Autumn as you reflect on a beautiful Summer and feel the glow of its memories warm you as the weather cools. The memories of the past are with you in Autumn. Thoughts of the past year wander further back and memories are there to warm you as Winter approaches. Winter is the bones of life. The bare sheet on which you begin to write for the next year. As the rich glow of Autumn fades, the starkness of Winter arrives and you are able to see to the root of it all. As your clock slows, and your body slows, the nights darken and you feel the pull of hibernation. Like a bear, your body needs to slow and dream the new world into being. Dream Well. Plan Big. Expect More. Allow the Winter to build on the bare bones, to become coated in a new way of thinking, a new way of being. And dream yourself into your new world.

When Spring comes, in all its wondrous hues of fresh green, this is the time for sudden spurts of growth and development. All Winter has been preparing for this. The fertile time of appreciation of life, growth of your emotional and physical bodies and the growth of your soul. You are not dissimilar to a plant. You are subject to the same time continuum; the same earth where you plant your feet; the same daylight hours; the same dreaming of the longer days with the gentle warmth of Spring. You feel the same freshening wind. You know how many hours the sun shines on you. You are aware of a Winter of dreamy hibernation. All bodies respond and awaken with enthusiasm in the Spring. The changes that were laid down in the Autumn/Winter are grown into action in the Spring. New Year’s resolutions are a symbol of how the human race approaches the new year, having dreamt the next year in. They may not always be kept but the intent is there. Spring growth can be a springboard for the activity of the year. Plans become alive and resonate into being. The time of dreaming is past, the time for action comes with the Spring. The time to do, grow and become. And thence to the Summer, when you enjoy the fruition of your plans. When you enjoy your living, with its passionate highs and glorious moments. When the Summer enriches your soul with its fullness of being. Enjoying each moment, full and flowering, pregnant with possibilities.

The future is something you have already dreamed. It is not random. You put meat on its bones during your quiet dreaming. You caused the Spring and Summer by utilising your Autumn and perfecting your Winter. You are like a plant, drawing close to the sun in Summer. Growing towards the light as your soul desires to feel at one with its intent. You are the soul surviving through the lean Autumn and the harsh Winter, dreaming vibrant Springs and full Summers into being. So it is with you as a person. As you suffer through your hardships you dream of the future and hope constantly for better. You look back on the past/Autumn, and vow to do better with a new beginning as the old is stripped away/Winter. In the Spring your dreams become reality and you grow and change and build towards the long enjoyment of your Summer.

Even wetlands have a summer……..so too does the Arctic. There is always a Summer. Always a season of remembrance and sifting the leaves. And always a Winter as you strip away what you don’t need and dream what you do want. Always a beautiful Spring that is grown from the plans and seeds and hopes of your frosted Winter. And always a Summer to enjoy your achievements, your moments, your being, your Now……….if you would give yourself the enjoyment of the season.

So you do not just walk on the earth with feet separated by concrete and rubber, by tarmac. You are never separated from the Earth……its times, its seasons. You are never separated from the rise and fall of the Earth’s hopes and dreams. Your body and mind are governed by the Earth’s cycles. Its physical, chemical, organic, biological makeup. You are not separate ………will never be separate from the Earth. Even through a mile of concrete you would breathe Her air, feel Her rhythm…….so profound is your connection. That is why you need to connect with Mother Earth/nature on a regular basis. Your body knows when it is being limited in its connection and it strives to be part of the Earth’s cycles. To know its place within those cycles. To find its peace in the continuation of those cycles……that “All is well”. Because the body feels and knows the rise and fall of the seasons, and feels the connection to the Earth plane. Through that knowing it maintains equilibrium. Does not go crazy. Does not allow the soul of the body to shrivel or deny the light and the dreaming; deny the cycle of life…….which the body and the plant are both part of.

The fact that you inhabit this body (that needs to be grateful to Mother Earth) is a cause for your gratitude and expiation of the wrongs you have caused Her. She has given you the body you inhabit. It is not yours by right. It is a gift. Acknowledge it as a gift. Culture it, adore it. Love it with all your heart and know that it is indeed a temple for your spirit. A spirit that adores to be in the passionate embrace of each moment, that is always a perfect moment, if you inhabit it with the right perspective.

The seasons show that your body belongs to the earth. And once your borrowing is done it will return to the earth. And your soul will be eternally grateful for the opportunity Mother Earth agreed to give you. To show you how much learning was possible in a short time in this “hothouse” that is the Earth plane. Be grateful. You have been blessed.

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