Chakras (Part One)

The chakras are in momentum within your auric field. They can turn enormously fast or exquisitely slow. Neither one nor the other is perfect or imperfect. It is apt for you, your thoughts, your way of being, your body. The colours of the chakras too, are not uniform, are dependent on perception, who perceives them. They are not uniform, the colours ebb and flow. Throw startling, amazing patterns of light through your whole cosmic body and together with your vibration, which shines out in colour, sings out in sound. You resonate with these colours and sounds and we see you. You in your honest, most true form. We do not see the physical world as such, as we are not physical with physical eyes, but we are aware of the vibration in which you live. The vibration you surround yourself with. That which resonates with you and that which is harmonious and that vibration which is repellant to you. We see all this. We see the strands of connection travelling from you to others, to places,to moments, to events. How that connection vibrates, whether with longing or with hate, happiness or sadness. All this is visible to us. This you are unaware of but you do feel it. You feel those connections and you know where you are drawn to, and those moments, times, people, events that repel you.

The auric field is sensitive and finely tuned. Protected in it’s own sheath so it does not become damaged within the whole auric energy field. As can happen, as you know, when people receive a shock of some kind: a violent, traumatic or destructive event; sudden near death happenings; bad news that rocks a person’s foundation on which their life has rested. Many things may induce such a shock.

The chakras are also anchor points and multi-connective nodes through which understanding, energy, power, emotions and vibration are filtered. These nodes attempt to ensure there is always connection and that the system does not become overloaded with emotions. Sometimes a chakra, languidly spinning is exactly what is needed and sometimes a chakra phizzing with energy is also needed. Neither is excluded and may be temporary or may last for weeks, maybe years. Each person, being unique, has unique chakras. Unique in colour and movement. The common factor is that each physical breathing body in the physical plane has them. The nodes are important in that they keep the body connected to itself, the auric field and the surrounding fields of energy, through which you make connection to spirit and to God. All that is important is that they exist and as they breathe… breathe.

How to look after them is simple. You live your life being true to yourself, which allows them free movement. Allows them to spin, fluctuate and still, as is their wont. If your emotion stagnates it blocks their activity. If emotions become thick with negativity, the chakras cannot be their best for your body. The auric field carries your map. How you would like your world, your body, your view of life, how to progress. If the nodes are hampered in their work, as they connect to each other and connect to other nodes, they will not speak true. They will be a shade of your truth, or conversely, be too excitable and your passion will evolve in a different way, as a different chakra is influenced to be different, become something it was not asked to be. As you needed the strong influences of a certain chakra on your life and instead negative or excitable emotion or a different vibration not attuned to you has affected the important chakra and another has taken its place. If the unwanted blockage is not cleared or the dark emotion/vibration surrounding the chakra is not cleared, then an alternative chakra will come to the fore and have a major influence on your life.

You do not run your chakras; nor do they run you. It is a relationship of harmonious balance. So always clear your chakras of negative energy. Get to the root cause of blockages and upsets in your life. Chase them down. Clear them out of your auric field. Then celebrate the true quality of a balanced chakra field, which is so very beautiful to observe. There are many chakras/nodes from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes. From the top of your head to the soles of your feet. From your liver to your sex organs. All resonate You. Truly knowing yourself, understanding yourself and being your true self keeps the chakras healthy and doing their job. Keeping you on your divine course, your mission, which is your life. One step at a time. It is not usual for them to become oversized unless one is to become a great orator or Mother Teresa with an enormous capacity for love. Usually chakras stay within certain parameters but always fluctuate in colour and movement and sound, as they sing you out to the universe. Think on this……..You are a sound, a unique vibration, a resonance within the Aum. The first and last sound that holds the universe within it. You are an important part of that resonance. Without you there is no perfect Aum.

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