Penury, lack of money. Lack of anything that you feel in need of. Penury comes in many forms. But it is all a lesson of you feeling you have less of something in this physical world. Know that you are born with everything you need in the moment. You have already decided that, in spirit before you came to the earth plane. You decided upon the energy you would be born into and the energy that would surround you. From the moment of birth it is your physical world to mould. Initially your needs are basic and usually met……food, warmth, emotional contact. If these aren’t met then you have to exert your influence on the universe to provide them and you happily expect it to be so. This may not always happen, and so, from the very beginning, your emotional state is affected as a result of hormonal and brainwave function. And the need for providing sustenance in its many forms is brought into being. Even so you may circumvent this cycle of need if you can learn to focus at an early age on what you truly want and expect from life. Many know this before they are ten years of age, others wait until they are sixty years old. Always it is your choice from your learnings. Fate does not come into the cycle. There is no Fate as such.

Fate is but a word for a predilection for finding the “I told you so” in everything. A word that can be used to abdicate responsibility. A word that never allows you to change or move forward. Fate has a negative connotation in that it is an inevitable outcome. It is not. There is always choice and a new way of being. The Fate that you find at the leading edge is of your own making, not one that has come into being alongside of you. Nor is it carried within your aura or genes. You have multiple possibilities and multiple choices. They do not all lead to one event or word or choice that can only happen in one way. That is not living. That is pre-ordained living. A way of being put on you that means you are chained to one possibility, one outcome. This is not the case. There is always choice. Your choice was initially made when you decided to come into the physical. When a certain vibration drew you and you wanted to play and enjoy and have fun with life at that vibration. However, once born in the physical, you have to then understand the vibration you are living in….. to manipulate it. The surroundings seem quite different and difficult to deal with compared to the spiritual plane we emanate from.

Why bother with the physical world?

Because it’s fun, interesting, demanding. Because it adds to our understanding of the nature of the universe. If one hasn’t experienced physical life then one has a clean slate with regard to understanding the physical realm. It is required, a necessity, as we all grow to have a greater understanding of all creation.

There is a moment when you believe you are blessed by karma, by fate, in a positive way. This I would urge you to take on board as it is beneficial in your lifetime to have positive ideals. To hold positive beliefs, however they are engendered.

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