Ribbons of colour………ribbons of light exploding from the top of your head while sparkling light is in motion around you. You are a galaxy of colour as you move in the physical world. With the colours ebbing and flowing as you move, think, create, have an idea, worry, connect. Every aspect of your life flows in colour and vibration around you. These colours are more than the colours the human eye can detect. They are millions of shades and incredible hues dancing at the edge of your human sight. Just as your eye cannot see them so your ear cannot hear them. For their vibration sings the song of you out into the world. Easy to know who you clash with, easier to know who you chime with, make music with. Each part of your body sings its song from your liver to your eyes. The whole combining to make the note or song that is you. This is a true version of you that you cannot hide, that we perceive. Your hidden depths are on display to us. We do not judge. We honour you for the fact that you are at the leading edge of creation in the physical world. We are the support backup and you are the explorers. Come to find how the physical world can be moulded and manipulated to your thoughts, despite the total involvement of most of your senses being rooted in, what you perceive as, a physical body. It is all sensory perception brought about through manipulation of colour, vibration, hormones, brain waves, molecules, thought patterns, intent, desire and focus. A complex and difficult manoeuvring of thought coalescing into the human world you perceive. It is temporary…….unreal. A snapshot held in place for you to experience and then it falls away. You do not. The death is of the snapshot and the physical world, not of you. Change your perception and step to the other side of the equation. See how the physical disintegrates and you live on. How temporary your life is despite the mirage of the years you seem to have lived. Despite the question of life after death……. there is only life. The unreal falls away and you emerge into the truth of your being, having been under the spell of the physical world for a few moments.

Do not cry when a death occurs. It is only the body disintegrating, allowing the body to recognise its place within the whole. Where you can see the only life has no death. There is only experience and change and positive outcomes from learning. You are all angels in this regard for you all return to the source. You all learn so much on how to manipulate thought and focus and desire. The understanding of which can only be fully known and interpreted once you are back home in a full understanding of who you are and a better understanding of the physical world. That is why many choose to return…..to explore……to find out “Why?” One lifetime raises a question for another lifetime and in the tradition of exploration they cannot let a chance of discovery go by.

Change your perception. Look at a physical life through the eyes of how you conceive the spirit world to be. See how fear drives the emotions and actions. See how desire leads to pathways of strong need and wanting. Playing out in an uncontrollable way as emotions take the lead. From spirit we don’t have access to that……to the fear, to the basic emotions. Therefore you can see that a fear of death and loss and injury is a useful tool in finding out how one can grow and know oneself fully when subject to such a basic collection of emotions. There has to be fear to experience all the other human emotions and every human has a fear.

Enlightenment is one at peace without fear. In a place where human emotion does not frame every thought. But where compassion and non-interference radiates from them in a calm, peaceful, loving, non-judgmental acceptance of the human condition. Very few are at one with this. Know them by their words. They will resonate truly with your soul.

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