Healing (Part Two)

Cavemen are the archetype of the forerunner of the human race. This not only includes the ways and habits of a neanderthal man but also his emotions and thought patterns. To himself he was sophisticated in his choices of tools and where and how to hunt, his choice of mate and his knowledge of the seasons. His sophistication is no less now, your sophistication. As the human race continues, future man will be amazed at what you have achieved and wonder why there was less achievement in the fieldwork of the brain and emotions. As more people become lost, afraid, alone, unwanted, damaged by life’s scenarios. They will wonder why there was not more value given to the emotional and mental happiness of a human being…….each human being. Caveman did not have the mental illness you have now. He was exactly as one saw. There was no need to analyse emotions or thoughts because as soon as they were felt inside the mind, they were voiced. There was no need to act a part or be something one was not. People now have to suffer a variety of little deaths each day as their true persona is hidden from them, piece by piece, cut by hidden cut. As they shore themselves up from the damage inflicted by societies wants and needs instead of putting their own wants and needs first.

Mental illness is hidden but so many suffer from its verisimilitudes. Everyone has anxiety. Everyone has experienced a depression. Everyone has felt dissatisfaction with themselves and their situation. Yes it is good to better oneself in every way but not to the detriment of the true persona. The part of you that is linked to the light and knows the way home. Knows the path to be taken. Knows with certainty that they are more than the body. This certainty is lost as people become lost in their experiences and their emotions. More people are needed to step forward and help them regain their path. Not just in the mental health profession but all those who profess to be “leaders of the light”. More of these genuine, sincere, uplifting and healing people are needed. Not only those who heal with their hands, but those who heal with their voices, their thoughts, their ideas, their vibration. Those who can connect easily and well, soul to soul. At first this is balm to a troubled soul and eventually, over time, can lead to a healing process. However, the process is only effective with a true, honest and genuine connection. Not those who chase notoriety and greed. Yes, “lightworkers” is a good choice, for indeed that is what they do. Work hard to allow the light of the soul to shine forth and discover all those dark corners where shame and guilt and fear and sadness are kept. These emotions are not needed. They hamper growth. Understand and take the lesson but once the emotion has been experienced, let it go. You have no need to continually experience it. Learn from the experience and move forwards. It is not easy to let it go you say. I beg to differ. As the moment you eventually put the burden down happens in a second of change. Why wait years for that second of change if the opportunity to let go of the emotional burden is possible immediately? There is no benefit to harbour the negative emotion in your soul. You will become damaged by doing so, embittered, fearful. The choice, as always, is yours.

Mental illness is reversible. The day will come when the need for drugs has vanished and the whole person is treated on a vibrational level that affects cell renewal and health and brainwaves. A new evolutionary medicine. Meanwhile, neanderthal man, that you are in this age with no knowledge of how to truly effect a lasting cure, has to endure a lifetime of recidivity. A lifetime of rejection, as they reject the true path of their soul and its connection to themselves, each other and their place in the universe. Once a soul can accept himself as he is, in his true form without society’s judgment then there is hope for his mental wellbeing.

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