Meditation (Part One)

There is beauty to be found in every moment. Not only is the moment beautiful, so are you. It takes a few minutes of quiet, peace and calm to know this. As you watch yourself in meditation you know you are watching the best of you in action… peaceable action. In meditation it becomes your time, outside time. Your moments of being with the truth of who you are. Of watching the pureness of your being arise and fall just as the physical dross of you rises and falls. Without the dross there is no physical you. Without the dark there would be no light to be seen. It would all be the same oneness and you would not see and learn from the contrast.

Meditation is important for your body, mind and soul as they realign in the moment. As they come into ease with one another rather than one acting against or adjacent to another. For a few moments you come into alignment and feel the peace and beauty of who you really are. It is fleeting but it is there. It is not the quietude of the mind…… is the one fleeting moment beneath that. When suddenly you feel as though you have touched God. You have not……you have found your true self in all its wondrous glory. Think…. if you were to be aware of that one true self all the time, in every minute of every day, would you achieve anything in the physical world? Would you want to? No, of course not. Being in those golden moments of completeness would be your only desire. Not to eat, not to sleep, just to be. So if there is to be a physical experience…….and many choose not to have one, then these moments of true understanding of self are neccessarily brief. You are here for a physical life not so much a spiritual life. Though the experience of all life and time is a spiritual experience. Too much knowledge of your true self would indeed result in you “dropping out, turning off”. While to some extent this is beneficial as it can give you peace in your physical life and reduce your anxiety, too much will not set you free but hold you back. As you recognise you have no tether in the physical world and the mind wishes to step back and allow the soul to take over its place in the physical. But this is not the best for the body. This way lies madness as one’s grip on physical reality waivers. One must always be anchored in to the physical body to play with the plastic fabric of your world. This may seem a small nuance initially, in your meditation process, as you find that small moment of true beingness. But then, of course, you will wish to extend that to longer moments. To be still in the bliss of the moment for longer. But no……this is too much for your physical awareness. Be content with the moments of grace you receive. Be thankful for them. Acknowledge them but then return your attention to watching the blade of grass grow. Keep your attention in front of you, in the now. Not in the abstract and not in a place where you are unable to operate in the physical. Everything will come to you. You are a physical being but eternally spirit. You know and understand everything. The longing for those blissful moments you find in meditation are your longing for source and home. Recognise them and then resume the task at hand. To be the best you can be in the physical lifetime. To play with the plasticity of your universe and enjoy and have fun with it. Understand it is pleasurable and fun rather than the negative approach that may be given to its manipulation at times. Your universe is exactly how you wish it to be. To change it change your thinking, change your physical actions, as one has a bearing on the other. This change can be affected through meditation. That is the place where you watch thoughts arise and fall. Be aware of the thoughts you have, their negativity and positivity. Expunge the negative thought patterns and uphold the positive. Meditation is useful for this process as not everyone can sit and become enlightened like the Buddha, Sakyamuni. This is a tool for everyday living. Enlightenment will come in time……..meanwhile you have a life to live! A life to be enjoyed, free of anxiety and sadness. Meditation is a tool for you to find the peace in any eventuality. Use it!

Do not ignore the right tool for the job. It has been made available to the physical world as a panacea to the ills of the world and as a gift of inner peace when you doubt yourself, dislike yourself, disrespect yourself. In those quiet moments you may even hear my voice in your ear, advising you that it is good to have met you on that particular wavelength. Meditation calms the body, calms the energy field around you. It satisfies your craving for the spiritual world. Meditation is of great benefit to an individual but do not spend all your time in this place as it is the physical world where you belong for the length of your lifetime.

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