Death and Dying

Part 2

The great unknown. A state that everyone fears except for those that have glimpsed the next step in their evolution, their pathway. This is not the right step for everyone as those who have glimpsed their pathway to their true home have been in alignment with their true selves for a few moments and connected to their deepest yearning. In the moment their focus has been on one outcome, intently, briefly and moved on. With a time delay of a few seconds the wishful thought becomes a reality. A knowing of what they are seeing, either with their physical eyes or their inside eyes. This knowing is brief but clear and though only a moment, seems to last much longer. Given their heightened state of awareness it may seem to last for many minutes in an intense focused way as though the physical world recedes and becomes just a quiet murmur in their ear. Instead they are on the edge of focusing fully into spirit and feel the blessed state of grace they so wish to be in constantly. Being human their focus shifts and as the mundane intercedes so does the physical reality. Then they have had an experience to guide their life by. An experience that shines within and they wish to let everyone know. Or an experience that is hugged close, in wondrous relief that there is more than the physical reality of ” Is this it?”

Is it? Is this physical reality everything to you? It is everything to your physical body. It has the ability to nourish the mind and soul and emotions. However, being human, you contrive to upset this with demands for perfection in the physical life. Demands never work. Flowing with the moment, throwing your wishes and desires lightly and intently out to the universe will more likely bring about the fulfilment of your wants and needs. Light continuous focus is the key. Focus on the positive aspects and aspirations that surround you as the moments of your wishes gradually make their way towards you. As you find yourself in the right place at the right time, ready to receive. And if that is the moment of your death……that too is a positive. On a physical level it is seen as the ultimate tragedy but is only surpassed in spirit when one realises the game plan may not have worked out and you learnt more than you expected. Learnt unexpected rather than the true aim of your pathway in the physical. Always there is much to learn. A learning is never wasted. But one can be continually surprised as to how it comes about. How the universe comes into line for the true purpose of enlightenment. Teaching, instructing, focusing on the positive……which includes death……at the right time and place for you. As you have chosen the vibration you have been born into so you have chosen your death moments. So your death is not a surprise to you but the learnings surrounding it may be. It is the ultimate teacher in those focused intense moments as your spirit leaves your body.

This is a gradual process but the physical consciousness has to let go of its reality. There is a strong lesson/teaching/understanding in that moment. And there are the lessons of life to absorb as the physical reality is released by the mind and you come into the fullness of your being. One would want to assess whether life happened how it had been intended and whether further learnings could be obtained from it in retrospect. This has to be done quickly as once you are separated from the physical and no longer identify with the body and its emotions and shortcomings, then you will not be able to assess as succinctly as when in the physical body. Gradually one forgets and the intensity of the physical life is softened in remembrance.

This is a journey over months for everyone regardless of the suddenness of their death, the shortness of the illness or their receptivity to the death process due to a great age. The continuance of the spirit tends, on the whole, to be a surprise to its recipient. However long the time in the physical there is no time to elapse in spirit so the idea of time must also be put aside. The realisation is more a process of assimilating into the spirit world once again. As a deep sea diver has to be accomodating with regard to the pressure the body is under and has to gradually move to the surface and de-pressurise to ensure the “bends” do not occur. So you have to understand and acknowledge you have come home and the intense living of the physical can be allowed to become a distant memory. Though the education one always carries helps to shape your understanding.

There are several phases in the process of dying. The preparation for death. The moments of death. The immediate afterlife of the spirit as it leaves the body. The emergence into spirit and life ever after.

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