Mist is a weather phenomenon. As is snow, thunder and lightning, hail etc. You never know from one day to the next the type of weather you will get in the UK. It varies considerably and forward planning can be made but often this is unsuccessful when one has a sudden hot sunny day in February or snow in April. So is life a string of weather days. You may not know what will happen next. You may plan but the next day can always bring a surprise into your immediate surroundings. This is always a learning curve. A test to see how quickly you catch and roll with the ball. If aware, you can catch your own response and adjust accordingly. Whenever you drop the ball the angst that is caused is not needed. This is a temporary illusion of not being quite in step with oneself which can be corrected once acknowledged.

Different days bring different weather bring different markers of time and differing juxtapositions of events. All unique to you. All gifted to you so you can enhance your growth however hard it may seem.

This is a new triangle/dilemma for you to understand. The juxtaposition between that which you have brought into your energy, which has been birthed a while ago and been growing and moving towards you, then it meets you in the Now and you no longer want it, no longer vibrate at the level to receive it. You have put aside the vibration, possibly out of choice, no longer needing, so your focus has changed. Or through laziness as the effort to stay in the vibration of wanting/having what you desired was lost to you. So the triangle between the Now of wanting all that you want versus the past energy being drawn towards you, together with the influence of world events can create a triangle of repricocity where one impacts on the other. The new you in your Now may feel complete and happy in your sunny day only to be hit by a hailstorm from the outside world/influences. And your response to the events of your day may be influenced by the Now of you dealing with how you used to think and behave in these circumstances. The energy has caught up with you and because you have become a more positive, ideally energised individual, the energy that has caught up with you is from a desire that you wanted, and existed prior to this and you feel it as a negative. But you have moved on and grown in your vibration while the energy vibration you put out previously has not, as only you can affect your energies. So when it returns to you it feels like a negative and you may not understand this and respond negatively when ultimately it has been a success because your energy has caught up with you and engendered the possibility of what you once desired but now don’t need. There is then a clash of vibrational energy in you that you have to resist/absorb/control/ balance. This is continually being done as you are continually desiring different, which is always a different vibration to what you have, to what you are currently receiving. This has been difficult to explain but, “Be careful what you wish for as it may turn up and bite you in the leg” may be succinct.

Instead keep your energies balanced at all times. If you drop the ball there will be a recovery period but keep a balance and steadiness in your movements. Be ready for the next ball while allowing the dropped ball time to roll to your feet gently and quietly. When you are able you may pick it up, as and when you choose, pass it on, keep it in one hand or keep it spinning.

A past thought form may arrive as a positive or a negative but as it arrives it will disrupt your current energy as you will have grown and deepened your understanding of your vibrational energy. The greater the growth in a short space of time the harder the knock from the old energy attempting to integrate. If you are in a balanced, smooth place there will be an easy adjustment as you notice it slightly impinge on your life. But if your energy is out of kilter all results of old energy patterns bring drama and vicissitudes, vast negatives and vast positives which you may not be ready for. So can turn a positive into what seems a negative due to your actions e.g. a lottery win and the subsequent fallout from the gain of money.

Your life needs calm and balance. Enjoy it to the hilt. Love and live and laugh. Be expansive. But be careful what you wish for as you need to be in a balanced energy state to receive. And those that are in a balanced state have all wishes and desires answered by the universe anyway so have no need to desire anything. The conundrum of human life.

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