Pandemic (Part One)

Part one


This time is an opportunity for reflection. To appreciate all the things you love about life. To understand what is important to you and the world. To know that you are cared for by those in spirit, who love you and want only the best for you, despite the view that the pandemic is a negative occurrence. As we have said before, many negatives in retrospect are really very positive. So with this pandemic. People will understand that nature is stronger than humanity and that humans are just one of the species with perception on the planet. Living on the planet and living off the planet…….using all her nutrients to live the wasteful lives many lead. This pandemic will show humanity a way forward that can give equality for all. We are not so obtuse as to think this will be wholeheartedly embraced, for it will not be. But there will be a vast amount of change and minds more opened to moving in new beneficial directions. This is good.

Yes, many are coming home……..but they already knew that. That is their gift to the world. A direct judgement on morality and acquisitions and the value of human life that will permeate societies. The healers will be valued and given their rightful due in society and will not be forgotten in a lifetime. Many benefits will come from this as money is diverted to their cause which would not have happened prior to this. People are afraid of death and dying. That too is brought to the fore for discussion, in many societies. This pandemic is not huge in the grand scheme of things. In retrospect mistakes will be highlighted and the media will receive strong condemnation and laudatory comment in equal measure so will be tightened up in their more salacious, scary reporting. But the human race does love a scary film!

A pandemic is an aid to human advancement. There is no death only experience. The experience of a fearful death may be traumatic but we ease the suffering where we can, as soon as we can. But the fear is sometimes impenetrable until they have left the physical body behind and even then there is difficulty as the fear stays with them, in their unknowing of their situation, and it takes a while for them to understand and be relieved of their situation. Whoever they call for will come, to abbreviate their sorrow and pain, whether in spirit or still in the physical, as dreamtime allows some connection. Not as fully as when in spirit, as one’s spiritual body is more easily accessed in the spirit world than the physical world. Usually it does not take too long for a loved one to reach through the miasma of fear to calm the newly passed over. Their fear dissipates and they find joy in their surroundings. Those that don’t let go of their fear, for there are a few who find comfort that they still are alive by holding onto their fear, these few we give a representation of their surroundings to them, to calm them. And they come to the end of their day and thinking they still live…..they sleep. They think they sleep…..that is their perception. In this time we work to remove the negativity they have surrounded themselves with and though we cannot remove it all, only they can do that, we do the best we can so they wake into a lighter perception that is real to them but more positive and more loving. So they let go of their fear and allow their reality to become less a structure and more the spiritual experience. We care for them deeply as we are very aware of the fear constructs we place around our soul when in the physical world. Most of us have felt it and had to deal with these constructs. So we all want to help as much as we can. A troubled soul is assigned a spirit “helper” who vibrates in a similar way, though at a slightly different frequency, which makes the newly arrived soul want to resonate higher too. A spiritual helper who has had similar understandings and experiences and knows how to help because of these similar experiences. This is used to widen the perception of the newly passed soul in a pleasant, comfortable, uplifting way.

The pandemic is barely a tenth of a second in humanity’s timeline but hopefully a surge forward into a new age. But everyone had to come on board. No-one could be left behind in this leading wave of change. So it will affect all people, not some. And we look forward to observing the changes that will be made as there is a realisation that it involves both young children and the elderly and that it will always be around keeping you on your toes. There will be time to recover from all the ramifications as people turn to each other in their need as a social animal, needing support amid a consensus that the structure of their lives and living conditions must and will change…..everywhere.

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