Pandemic (Part Three)

Motivations behind actions in a crisis can still be run by greed. However the price of this greed is man’s inhumanity to man. The cost of suffering…..the pounds and pence of allowing people to die weighed against the trillions wiped from the stock market and the emotional wellbeing of the survivors of the pandemic. There will be a cost in the years ahead. Meanwhile, to stay safe and look after each other in a connected yet separate way seems to be the key decision. This removes the ability to touch and be touched. Something that humans need as much as air, as much as water. The respect that you all will have for the fragility of your bodies and your environment will grow exponentially, will not cease, and be a constant in the years ahead.

The planet needed a rescue bid and Covid-19 is the superhero bug providing the global response to remove some of the parasitic growth from the face of the earth. This is only harsh if you become emotive rather than viewing these words in a factual way. You are becoming, as the human race, too unwieldy for the planet. She has spoken. Regard Her wisely and learn. She does not send Her warnings lightly. Treat Her with the awe and respect She deserves. Support Her rather than deplete Her. Allow Her to breathe and become Her best for you. Work together to provide the ideal that humanity deserves.

Make a wish………….. world peace? Resolve the world’s food shortages? Repair and heal the oceans and the land? Covid-19 is doing all this. Perhaps you wished for Covid-19 instead, to save the planet. Again, be careful what you wish for. Be exact in your requirements otherwise the universe will bring you what you desire with a few additions, a few extras that you had not focused on prior to its delivery. It is easier from spirit side as there is no death and people are coming home and we are joyful. Instead there is angst and pain on the physical side. But that is why you are all in the physical……to learn, to feel the angst and pain and to learn. Learn how to become better in your lifetime. Learn how to give of yourselves whilst keeping yourself in check so that you value yourself and your time. So you understand many viewpoints/perspectives and can grow in your understanding and focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Superheroes come in many forms.

Covid-19 is but one battle that humanity is trying to win. So many physical ailments seem insurmountable. This battle, this “fight-to-the-death” is what humanity is most scared of. And indeed they do fight, every step of the way to avoid their death.

The more mediums that abound, the more people have of a sixth sense, the more stories there are of miracles and life after death……the more people will get involved and find out for themselves. And then scientists will begin to look inwards to the soul and other universes / creations/ vibrational energies and existence. The more will be discovered and the lighter that death will rest on humanity’s brow. Although fear can create the greatest learnings there is too much fear and negation surrounding the earth plane. We seek to lighten it a little for learnings can still be achieved through relationships and life challenges. A fear of death is an additional burden humanity does not need and has had so many chances of understanding and accepting but still has not really advanced in its thinking. This needs to change. This is partly why we write with you. To encourage thought which engenders change. This is an important message. Minds need to be more open, to broaden in their understanding, become more accepting of new scientific views, to indulge their creative side and allow themselves to believe in the unimaginable and the imaginable. Do you not believe in fairies? Have you not seen them? But you put this belief aside as a child’s fantasy. Believe and you will allow them to become. Believe in a healed world and you allow it to become. Believe in a peaceable world and you allow it to become. Proof is the hard physical fact belonging to the physical world. You are more than the physical world, you are spirit also. Anything is possible in spirit. So touch the epicentre of your soul, your heart, your being and believe…….and magic will happen.

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