Pandemic (Part Four)

There will be separation yet togetherness for a while. The ying and yang of creation. The zen of life. The ability to touch hearts and minds but not each other…….temporarily. This will leave a mark on the collective human psyche. One that will bring about positive responses. Again I say that a position that seems to be negative, in retrospect will be perceived as far from that. The heavens will keep turning, the stars in the sky will keep burning and life will continue. This is a small happening in a cosmos of uncertainty. How you make your way through these uncertain times is dictated by your balance on the ground. The balance you feel in body and mind. A steady balance is needed without a dynamic shift from the apex point. Keep your balance, find your balance point and hold it. Nurture it. Do what needs to be done for you to thrive not just survive your difficult days. If you can do this then any difficult days ahead of you will be met with a modicum of balance and emotion and you will know you can survive.

So there are blessings to be had in the middle of this consternation. It is whether you want to look for them to brighten your life and stay positive or whether you choose to occupy your mind with doom and gloom thereby depressing your mood and your immune system. However this pandemic is viewed, it will provide people with a living many times over in years to come. Much research will be done and required. Equipment and chemicals sought. Employment changes and family groupings will be reassessed. Care homes given new status and generally a shake up of societal norms. This can be the beginning of a new appreciation for the wonders of people and the wonders the world has to offer each of you in many different ways. Events and happenings will not be taken for granted quite so much and there will be an outpouring of living life in the Now as people realise how quickly their lives were overrun by the virus and there was nowhere to escape to.

This is an important time. Not a “by chance” happening. Humanity wishes to take a step up in their evolution and they have been given an opportunity to do so. Although lives are lost, life is shown to be precious and that it needs to be lived and enjoyed wisely. The change in society is usually gradual but every now and then there is a sudden surge towards a more uplifted awareness that societies need to absorb. And an event like Covid-19 can precipitate that.

Even at times like these the more aware of the human race have a heightened vibration that is like a network across the globe. Their uplifted vibration is a net of hope and love and understanding that holds steady for the rest of humanity to aspire to and reach and hold onto. And this is how humanity rises to the task in hand. Inspiring each other into becoming more/better/stronger than they were before. So where are the negatives? There is joy as those in the physical come home to us. There is learning as people approach a death they fear. And some continue their lives with a new appreciation of everything and everyone around them. Economics are just tools for learning. What do you really need? Food, shelter, water, education. Everything else becomes a want. As your loved ones return home you will perceive a sadness. This is your sadness, your perception, which you can choose to change when the time is right for you. This may be next week, in a month’s time or now. Choose now…..why wait? Look at the most beautiful, wondrous world you live in that you have inherited. Enjoy each day and know you are blessed.

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