Staying positive in a negative world

How to stay positive in those times when you feel the pressure of internal and external events/happenings pressing upon you and having an effect of negativity on your psyche.

There are many things you can do physically to stay in the momentum of being positive. Move your position. Literally move from one chair to another knowing that the chair you move into holds more of a vibrational uplift for you. That the vibration in that chair will impact you in a positive manner. Use as many chairs as you need. And then dance, sing, give thanks that you are alive. Be grateful.

You may walk outside and feel the wind and the sun and the rain. Feel the cold as the wind whips around you. Feel the pinpricks of the rain as you become soaking wet. Feel the heat of the sun bake your skin. Through walking just outside your door you know you are alive and can feel the excitement of life in every pore of your body. Instead of covering up and cowering down from the elements, embrace them. Feel how they connect you to the ground and the circle of life and be grateful for that purposeful intense connection. If you are able to walk in nature with bare feet and bare skin, your connectedness will be sublime. The earth will welcome you as her own and your vitality, perception, sexuality (the basis of life after all) will be noticeable and you will know the joy of being alive in the moment.

Alternately go inwards in meditation and track down why you are feeling negative. Chase it to the root cause and dig it out, examine it, swallow it, accept it, and once known, it can be discarded or adjusted.

Or use a guided meditation to walk and meet friends and spirit animals and generally have a wonderful exploration of the pathways of your mind. Or meditate on an item in front of you…….an apple or a candle flame for example. Empty your mind and become the apple or flame. This will return your equilibrium to you. Sit near water or bathe in water. Appreciate the feel of your body within the water. This will satisfy and calm the body as it feels its freedom in the buoyancy of the water. Breathe deeply and watch yourself breathe. Lose yourself in the meditation of breathing or walking. Music can be useful too but be careful of your choices as the vibration can have a negative effect on the body if it is not conducive to your vibration. There are many things you can do but being grateful is the one thing that will align you with your higher self as you will see that you are blessed. Indeed it may help to write on a sheet of paper all the things you are grateful for. Breathing could be the first on the page……and then everything is a plus from there. (smiling)

We understand that life at times feels too difficult, too painful, too taxing to endure. This feeling will pass……If you change your perception from one of what you don’t have to what you do have. On one’s deathbed all you will wish to take with you is a life well-lived. All else you leave behind. So it all will pass in time. But not before you have found your gratitude in life and allowed that to be your mainstay over and above your fear of misery and death. You are all children in this as people are only beginning to realise that the equilibrium and balance to be achieved in one’s mental health is important to every human. This is affected by food, drink, exercise, all nourishment and perception of one’s state in life. How one associates with other people…….not too much……..not too little. One must be able to be resilient in one’s own company, one’s conducive environment and working conditions. All these factors are important and can be acted upon by you to ensure you remain in a positive state. It is always your choice.

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