The Physical World

In doing your best to be the best for and of yourself, with your diet, your fitness, your living conditions, your education, one must also question the origins of your food and your electricity, your waste and profligate use of the world’s resources. These are not finite. Addressing these factors too is a step in the right direction for providing for oneself in a morally acceptable way. However, the world is how it is meant to be. There are those who need to be activists and spokespersons for their particular charity or organisation whether saving oceans, wildlife, miscreants or domestic animals. Their need is to feel they are accomplishing something good and powerful in their own lifetime. But conversely it is a fact that if they did not have a strong need, then the need for their action would not be there. They have created, with their thought patterns, a world in need, animals in danger. Their focus has intensified a threat to the world. If a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world is the breeze felt on the other side of the world? If the focus and intent was not on the lack and destruction regarding rainforests and oceans would the activists be necessary? Would it be happening? You say “Yes”, and that it would be like condoning a murder by just closing one’s eyes and allowing it to happen. But would it? If the world is exactly how it needs to be then it doesn’t matter if there are activists or not. The world is perfect in its damaged state. It is just a matter of rearranged atoms and molecules.

Thought is where you need to become an activist. Marshall your own thought patterns onto a positive wavelength. This is the first thing to be done. Think of the world whole and healthy, not damaged and in the throes of destruction. Seeing the world so continues its plight. In reality it is whole. It is perspective. From our perspective the world is whole and perfect. From your perspective, death and destruction. The world needs a rearrangement of its molecules so that it appears wholesome and well to you. This begins with your own thought patterns. Think into being its perfection rather than dwelling on its damage. The thought patterns will effect a strong change in the oceans and in different countries where wildlife abounds. You do not realise the power of a positive focus with positive thoughts about something that once had a negative connotation. You underestimate the power of thought. You still do not realise the power of the focus of the mind. If all is thought and vibration then how are the oceans polluted? How are wild animals losing their habitat? How are there billions inhabiting your world? Are there? Or are you in your world with your perspective seeing brown when another sees blue?

This is how one person achieves their learning from life. The balance they achieve within their belief of the need for action with regard to the oceans, forests, wildlife. It is not needed as humans will come home and then be redistributed. But it is a good narrative for humans to be involved in. Their caring for another may begin with a dog or cat or turtle, whale or beach. It may be the door through which they find love and self-respect, through which they find their moral compass.

If the world is devastated it is because you think it to be devastated and if the world is beautiful and in harmony it is because your thought patterns perceive it to be. Thought comes first! You all need to activate your response in your mind and see the world as a whole and not damaged and needing healing. Then each of you will find your patch of earth is beautiful, as you view it and tend to it and believe it to be the best it can be. Then it is.

So simple yet seemingly a difficult concept for humans when all they believe is the physical world they see and touch with their physical senses. There is so much more to embrace/understand/perceive. Hopefully these words will allow a chink of light, of thought, to enter the solidly physical mind and allow a question mark to be entered and held over the possibility that the physical senses may not hold all the answers to their questions, to the fulfilment of their living.

Living in the physical does not mean you have to block all input/thought/visitation from the spiritual realm. Allowing the communication from other realms gives you a richer environment to play with. Allow your mind to open and receive and your views on the physical world will change. As you will see the idiosyncrasies of the physical world are self-fulfilling and engendered by negative thought patterns. When you become more your environment becomes more and this is how you develop to your full potential. So now you understand that for some the oceans are polluted and they need to work towards clean oceans because they are fulfilling their destiny/path and uplifting their vibration towards one of a more understanding, more informed vibrational edge of creativity. Their greater understanding can bring about great change. All is not as it seems.

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