Self-Worth (Part One)

Here you are. One tiny person in the grand cosmos of life. You are but a speck on the horizon. A smallness of being.

If you feel this…….that you are virtually nothing……too small to be seen in the grand scheme of things, you are mistaken. Your value of yourself is essential to your life on earth. How can you stand in life if you have no belief in that life, in yourself, in your being, your existence? When all around you seems inconsistent and crazy, the one solid foundation, the one dependable thing you have is You. With all your faults and human conditions, with all your emotions, you know that what is most solid in life is You. Externally life may change and seem formidable and too much to bear. Internally there may be struggles as you deal with the constraints of the body. But what you have in this world is the ego of You, that you inhabit, personified by the body. Ultimately this person has been your choice of vehicle, your choice of conveyance from an unknown to a known learning. Without this wonderful body, whatever form it takes, you would not have the wonderful learnings you currently experience.

The important factor in this is You. Your belief systems, your self-worth, your perception and understandings of the realms of earth and spirit and all inbetween. This is what makes you You. You have woven a cloth to shape you and express you. The body is your expression of your innermost thoughts and beliefs and behaviours. The outer world is influenced by how you see yourself in the physical on earth. Believe in yourself, because truly, anything is possible in this world where thought forms are pre-eminent.

It is imperative that you believe in yourself. Believe that you are embodied due to your pursuit of the betterment of yourself. That only positive learnings can come from your outcomes, however negative they may seem at the time. Believe that you are worthy. Believe that you can reach out and touch the stars. For indeed you can. With a thought, as a star reaches to a star, reaches to its own. Just as water will collect and run together to form a puddle and then a stream, so does stardust call to stardust. The minuscule atoms of stars exist in the makeup of your physical body and can play the same note as a star in space. For you are all one and your experience can also come from where your mind and thought patterns take you……maybe to the stars.

For those whose ideas are more earthbound and close to home, it is important that you feel of value……to yourself and to others. Firstly to yourself. That you can see that you are worthy. This is shown by the very fact you exist and are learning in the physical. Only those who are the bravest, most focused, most wanting of the experience to uplift their vibration come to the physical earth plane. It is not a place for beginners exactly. It is a hard schooling for those that wish to refine their vibration by an experience in the physical. There are other experiences to be had in different vibrational realms but none are as exacting as the earth plane. The only instance of a “beginner” is one that has sojourned there for the first time and needs to walk before they can run. These people will not be highly complex people. Their mission will be on learning how to live in the physical rather than achieving a life of merit. They will need to understand and experience the basics only and most will be looked after by others in their lifetime. And some will be short “taster” lifetimes. It is a difficult experience to be born in the physical and feel the confinement of your spirit and the negativity of your world. So be aware when you see a short lifetime occuring or a person that would be challenged beyond the basic abilities of living, breathing and experiencing life more gently because they need others to guide their path. This is a learning also for their mentor who would perhaps have incarnated before them in order to become their parent/teacher/best friend/close family member on earth. So the new spirit to the earth plane may be an old spirit, but new to this “hothouse” of earthly vibration.

Be good to yourself, gentle, and realise the great revelation on earth that is you, is becoming more, minute by minute, day by day as each moment teaches you more and more. Attend to your coming into alignment with yourself. Knowing that your thought patterns are paramount and affect everything round and about you, internally and externally. So refine your thought pattern to refine your vibration. And know that if you have chosen this body and deem it worthy of your choice then your approval of your vehicle is tacit. You have made a good choice. See how your body gives you the experience of the physical plane. See how the senses communicate the solidity of the physical world and the excesses that may be experienced. But understand all the while that this is your choice. Your experience is deemed worthy by your choice. So how can you not feel worthy of this choice? You have backup in the spiritual realms and they/we do our best to keep your vibrational alignment in balance. But the feeling of unworthiness is difficult to oust as it strikes at the very core of a person’s soul and understanding. If you are on the earth plane you are worthy as you have to undergo enormous challenges that strike hard at your self-worth. But your knowing of who you are (spirit) and your life’s mission (to better oneself and bring oneself to a higher vibration) will enable you to understand the challenges you must face. Loving oneself is one of those challenges and must be understood and overcome for your positive thought patterns to become an expression of your physical/external world. You are doing an amazing job because even in the depths of despair you are finding learnings and acting upon them and receiving them into your psyche and spiritual understanding. No experience is a negative experience. No thought becomes lost to the world. You are magnificent. We see it. Now you believe it.

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