Self-Worth (Part Two)

Self-reliance is an art form. You all need to be self-reliant. To have faith in oneself and one’s ability. This is part of loving oneself. Knowing how to face the world when there is a moral dilemma or strength is needed. Knowing when to be humble and grateful and when to stand up and say, “I am here…..I matter”. This is essential for your wholesome wellbeing. It is the foundation of your psyche. The bricks upon which your personality is built from childhood. Belief in oneself (faith that you know you can follow through), faith in your own ability, confidence. These are “game-changers” in your parlance.

The ego is a delicate structure. It can become overly arrogant or weakened by happenings/events/beliefs that are engendered from the physical experience you are pursuing. The experiences can be of positive benefit but can also dent a somewhat fragile ego. A narcissist will love themselves above anyone and anything around them. This is not the ego gone mad but a slight adjustment the personality has made to incorporate love into the psyche. Over compensation for having had love withdrawn from them. So their flowering did not grow straight towards the sun and the petals closed in on themselves because the sun had to be provided from within. They have no reflection other than their own. No clear judgement of how to behave due to the withdrawing of the love from their timeline at the moments when it could have had important benefit.

Love and fear go hand in hand. Fear of loss, betrayal, a damaged heart, being insufficient. So many losses abjured by love and its lack. Fear of that lack causes many to overcompensate and act in a way that fulfills the need in their wanting, the gap in their wholeness. Belief in oneself can help bypass the fear or move through the emotions it engenders. Belief in oneself as opposed to the belief of outside agencies is an important juxtaposition of one’s soul and psyche. For on belief you can build a mountain. Believing in who you are as a person, knowing your skills, faults and how your ego wishes to be fulfilled is beneficial because then you have your moral compass. Your lifetime has given you experiences from which you have benefited and incorporated into your soul. From these you have extrapolated the ways in which you wish to integrate yourself into society……to a greater or lesser degree. How society’s rules apply to you, if at all, and how you interact personally, intimately and morally.

The self-belief system you have is a basic building block of your personality. It is good to nurture it at any age. It is important when a small child but always an important learning to take on at anytime……that you are worthy of love…….from yourself, from others, from the world. Indeed you are loved and blessed far more than you know. The hardships of the world do not mean you are loved less. They are the challenges that you have decided on for this lifetime, the choices you have made. And your choices will be better understood and made when you know that you love yourself and have belief in yourself. As the Buddha informs us, “right thought, right action, right deed”.

This belief will help you make good decisions, beneficial to raising your vibration in this lifetime. Do not despair if it is a state you feel you cannot maintain indefinitely. Because remaining in the glow of self-belief will ensure you have understanding of the times when you are low/depressed/ sad and you will know it will pass. Because you know you are worthy and you know you are love. You know that you are on solid moral ground of loving oneself and knowing the world returns that love. This will bring you through the sadness as a cloud passing above you in the sky…… and you know the sun is there constantly, always. Maybe it will be hidden on a grey day but you know it will pass and the sun will shine on you and has never stopped shining on you. A cloud got in the way, briefly. You just needed a breath of air to ease it away from your perception. This is a powerful tool that you have control of. Throughout your life it will be needed. Always look to those experiences that can build your self-belief, self-confidence and moral expression in a positive way. Then you may feel your self-worth and your worth to the world and the love that continually surrounds you as a perpetual sunbeam on your psyche.

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