A collection of words does not completely reveal your heart vibration. Many times they may misrepresent or hide your heart’s true feelings, true expression. Yet your mortality is just that….a life from birth to death……..so short a time, and yet you still do not allow your heart to speak true. Maybe gestures and expressions from your face and body reveal your true emotions but so often your words do not. Words of great clarity are used to misconfigure facts and events. They are used to hide truth and bury iniquities. Words can be so precious, so useful, so loving and yet this unique form of communication is obscured with pretence and deceit. As one person lives in life with this deliberate intention, so it may attract others of the same vibration to do so as well.

The truth of words can be beautiful in their clarity. They may uplift and adore or freshen an atmosphere of heavy emotion. They can tell a story of love and loss, endeavour and survival. They can flow with stunning efficacy from a person who truly inhabits their vibrational resonance of becoming their best. So the most important thing you can do today is speak your truth as clear as a bell, as loving and non-judgmentally as you can.

Each word is powerful. One word may linger in a heart and fester for years. Or one word can be carried on a breeze through a lifetime as a person continually calls on that word for support. Rumi, the Buddha, saints and prophets, your neighbour, your lover……..all these can utter the right words at the right time to bring you clarity in your thought processes and joy in your heart.

Words are efficacious in their ability to move generations with their power. You never know from where the golden nugget of a word will appear. Maybe in print, maybe in the theatre, at a lecture, a murmur from a loved one or a child at play. Without the power to communicate in this way what would the human race be? Stunted in their emotional growth? As not all would have the ability to uplift their vibration through moving the body which can be a complete expression of emotion in those that have the ability to produce a litany of such movements.

Words are important, to use with clarity, wisely. To use them aware of their effect and humble in their presence. If you can wield words, truly you are an advocate for all the positive wellness in the world. There is no answer to a world without words. No mending of hearts and souls, no expression of love. No explanation of the joy in living, seeing and breathing.

Words are important in their sounds, their syllables. As you break them down they resonate. Each word has its own sound, which can then be amplified by the emotion and vibration behind it. So a word has far more power than you realise. As your whole persona sings out to the universe so do your words. They will resonate with you and the powerful vibration that you are surrounded by. One word can vibrate and, if said repeatedly, becomes part of you and the pure song from that one word is drawn to your vibration. You use it and it sounds good to your ear and your soul. So you use it again and it sings to you and eventually it is as easy as breathing and is part of you. This is how you become love, become unwanted, become ugly, become confident. Words can reinforce your feelings and attitudes, not just on an emotional level, but on a basic necessity of life level. Before you are able to speak you vibrate and resonate a tone, a song. The words you hear and grow attachment to become part of your song that you sing to the world. As in, “Mummy loves you”, heard over and over again.

The emotions are wonderful to embrace from one human to another but brought to life by the actual song of the words becoming nectar to the soul. A negative would also prevail, of which I will not speak, because everyone has attached a negative to their psyche and have lived the word for a long time. There is no need to resonate a negatively associated word over and over again. Look at the word, how it feels, how it sounds, how it is spelt, how it resonates and realise that each letter is joined to each other as a sound and a meaning that have come together to create a beautiful song. And you have given that song a negative connotation and absorbed it and become it in a negative way. Take apart each word until you have a string of letters, each with a unique sound and vibration. You can make each sound resonate separately and it is beautiful and clear. But sometimes you put all the letters together and create syllables and words that weaken your vibration. Why would you do this? Enjoy the word that resonates in a negative way? See how you are weakening your vibration by the way you have associated certain events/feelings, certain connotations that word has accumulated. They are not just words. Words are powerful. So if you can recognise this then you can change the language you produce and the negative sound bite or association you receive from that word.

Words can set you free if you truly allow them to sing your own special song out to the universe. The joy and passion in words spoken truly from and with the heart chakra uplifting them is a word of power, of strength, of love. Think on this. Go in peace.

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