Recovery from a painful event may be difficult to manage due to the body being depressed in many different ways. It is easy to say, “pick yourself up, begin again”. Harder for many people to do. Sadness, frustration, despair, knowing your path and feeling that you do not have the choice to follow it. These can all lead the body and mind into deep sadness from which, at times, there seems little escape. But there is…..help is at hand in the word, “little”. There is no point looking at the bigger picture…..it is too wide, all encompassing……too big, too distant. It is the little picture that can make a difference. The small change somewhere……..in your thought pattern, your lifestyle, your eating habits, your appreciation of life. A small step to make an essential difference that leads to recovery of your equilibrium.

Having your natural state of happiness depressed is not good for your mind or body, especially in the long term. So consider a small step you can take each day or each few days. To take a small few steps of exercise, a walk down the path, around the garden. To sit quietly in meditation for five small minutes. To converse positively with someone for five minutes. To pamper yourself in some small way. These are all small steps. Even to step out of bed in the morning and stretch one’s body for five minutes. Each of these make a difference to you and your body. Put them all together over time and there is a huge difference in mood and balance. Everyone can do this. One very small step to help keep their mind and body in a positive vibration. For those who are deeply depressed, and may not realise it, can also be helped in this way. The bigger picture will always be too overwhelming in these circumstances. Small adjustments to one’s own life is the best step forward.

However, many make a mis-step and decide that the only way forward is to remove themselves from the earth plane. They will be disappointed with themselves once recovered from their ordeal and now feeling whole in spirit. They will realise the opportunity was there to step forward in their vibration and work through the difficulty but they could not do this. So they chose to return home to spirit in the heat/depth of the emotion and moment. No-one will judge them or blame them for their choice. They themselves will initially be most hard on themself before realising the amount of knowledge they have acquired through their traumatic time on the earth plane. Suicide is never a positive way forward but still, knowledge can be acquired from all choices.

Why is knowledge so important? Because your only aim is to become peace, light and love. To become the essence of these. Not embodied as these but to exist in the vibration of the purest form of living entities. Once ascended to this purity, it can no longer be present or translated into physical form on earth due to its divine vibrational quality. It is too fine to exist within the base vibration of the earth plane. Only the teachings and knowledge can be passed down to other vibrations through hierarchical understanding. As one may only advance when one’s knowledge has sufficiently acquired the necessary vibration of a higher realm. That knowledge can then only be passed to realms immediately associated with that vibration. It cannot be passed to a baser vibration without having been diluted down through the spiritual realms of understanding. So Earth receives the basics of understanding due to its vibrational field. This allows many to receive many teachings but they are of a coarser based nature. And are important to understand before one can ascend through the vibrational energies to a level where one feels truly at one with the vibration and environment of one’s home.

A sojourn on Earth is always hard, always demanding. These souls that are in the process of learning are very aware of this and know the value of the lessons. But for many it becomes too much, too hard and they feel they must return home. Only to return and complete their learning at a different time with a different body.

No, you will not return literally as say, a fish. One may put one’s consciousness into “fish” and experience “fish” but not as a single fish. The vibration of a shark to a cod to a jellyfish…..all are different. It is the nuance of the vibration that one accesses. One also will not return as an animal as a punishment. There is no punishment, there is only vibration and choice. Being an animal is not a punishment. Man may punish animals but it is not something that happens as a choice in spirit. That is far too basic a misunderstanding of the vibration and love in the spirit world.

Enjoying the essence of “horse” or “dog” allows one to increasingly focus one’s vibrational energy into that entity. While there can be many moments of the general association in the vibration of “horse”, there are also moments when one can become the single entity of one horse before flowing back into the essence of “horse”. This is how vibrational energies new to the earth plane gradually become accustomed to the heavy energies of the physical world before attempting to maintain their consciousness in one physical body for the duration of one lifetime.

So animals are inhabited by many consciousnesses that have a certain vibration that they wish to explore. They do not invest their whole vibration in “horse” or “pig”. They do so to learn the quality and balance of the earth plane. Another part of their consciousness is elsewhere, perhaps in a non-physical experience. The movement between vibrations and consciousness is always flowing and ebbing. As many step forward to learn, then accept their learnings and move to another vibration within their particular vibrational band. To either progress, enjoy or deeply understand/review their recent learnings from the reality within which they have just been immersed.

There is always access to those of a higher vibrational level to enable understanding that will open the energetic field of a vibrational being. Progression is generally the aim though a passive resting phase also may be needed from time to time. Base energy is being changed to gold. Energy is refined and sifted. The base negative energy is cast away. This is still the essential essence of God and still aims to purify its own vibration. So the pool of base energy is needing refinement and to experience the physical plane. A being can use this energy to access the physical life. It can be absorbed as a key to the earth plane and discarded afterwards. This is a learning in itself as one can only access earth’s teachings through the understanding and teaching of those with higher vibrations as how to do this.

Levels of vibration naturally call to the same vibration. One would not find huge negative energies easily existing within a vibration differently attuned. This is not a concern of yours as this all becomes apparent when you are far from the earth plane. But know that those you may think of as base beings with base energies are most definitely not. They are just like yourself but have made different choices as to the conditions they decided upon to experience in the earth plane.

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