Tick Tock (Part Two)

The movement of the hands of the clock…..tick-tock tick-tock….. represents your death being counted down in seconds. And you watch the clock constantly. So constantly aware of your death and you forget to live. Living is not procrastinating. Living is not enduring the humdrum. Living is not neccessarily the easy road. It is enjoying each moment. Squeezing all the juice out of the orange in each moment. Enjoying its sweetness. Not pausing to think,” I have no time for this”…….”I must accomplish something today. Be productive in some way”. You are not on the earth plane to be productive. You do not have the gift of the physical life for it to be squandered in moving away from your instinctive and heartfelt desires. When you die you take nothing with you but your experiences. So experience. Staying safe is an illusion. Holding onto money as a safety net and a belief in richness is an illusion. Your perception will tell you that you are poor or you are rich. So find the commonality in your life experience that proves otherwise. One person can only drink so much, eat so much, wear clothes and have possessions to a limited quantity in a day, regardless of being rich or poor. ……..You all drink. Savour the mouthful slowly and understand how it nourishes the body. Likewise with your food. Wear the clothes you love most, that express you the most, that you desire to wear. And owning things may be put into perspective. How many rooms can you stand in? How many books can you read? How many cars can you drive? Only one….and all these are momentary and fleeting. The experiences you have are the things that nourish you, that you learn from and become wise.

There is responsibility to keep time on track in your life as there must be a beginning a middle and an end. Time gives you that progression. But you do not need to believe in the degradation of the body as it ages because of time. Time does not have that effect. Your mind has that effect. Time is but a linear measurement for you to follow and weigh up your life experience. Time is necessary to bring to fruition your ideas and your dreams as they need to be experienced and learnt from. A new beginning of a craft is to be enjoyed through the use of time. Acquiring knowledge as time passes and being present in each moment of that passing.

This is a moment in time. Do not count the seconds or minutes as it passes. Instead feel the moment stretch around you with its silence and presence. It is too easy to think and feel the physical reality around you. Use the physical to acquire knowledge by living completely in the present moment but do not become the moment. Always stay aware of your spiritual self within the physical body and know that you are a deep sea diver descended to the ocean floor to find out about an unknown universe. For much of the ocean bed is unmapped and unknown as well as the creatures that inhabit their world. So you are descended in your special suit fitted with oxygen and helmet, enabling you to see but cut off from your natural world and no longer in contact apart from the most basic rudimentary connection. Does it sound familiar? See how dark and oppressive it can be in the deeps of the ocean. And think on the sunlight and warm breeze from which you had descended. One day you will return when you are ready and we will pull you back to us with comforting words and congratulations………………..The beautiful passage from time to non-time as one discards the body for spirit life. Yes many have near death experiences. Not all believe they have had them, feeling that they are but dream experiences. Many will not speak of them due to society’s disbelief. Those that do speak may be met with derision. But to each person who has the experience, a profound mark is made. They move forward in their life with a different attitude to living and a different perception.

Death is a subject many are afraid of. A taboo for your time. There may be the death of a loved one or a friend. Perhaps the death of a business, a life-long purpose. The death of a need, the death of a want. The death of a nice, well-ordered life into chaos. Death is important and many little deaths may occur in a lifetime. A soul’s purpose is to achieve mastery over such deaths, to know their limitations. It is important for the soul to win through and gain the required learnings before progression upon their path can be made. Each death that is experienced brings a lifetime many steps forward in its purpose of understanding the light and love in their lives and others. Their true purpose comes to the fore when they walk out of the wilderness and the light that was pale and befogged becomes bright, illuminating the path and others around it, before it continues on its way lighting the path of all others. A death in this way is a service to others. As their beliefs are challenged, their ideas exposed to truth and their hearts found wanting in love for others and for themselves and for life. Death is always a transition. From the dark to the light so never be afraid.

A camera is a light projection shutter closing on a click of a mechanism. A death is but the mechanism of the body clicking off as the shutter closes down. We have the camera. A mechanical being with a job to do when the finger engages and presses down on the button to start the mechanism…….the act of taking a picture. The finger is the soul engaging the body to do a job. When the button is depressed life is moving in colour as the shutter is open and light is shining on the subject. As the mechanism is released and the finger is taken from the button the job is completed and the light no longer shines on that lifetime. The mechanism is no longer needed. The picture has been taken. The camera is useless. Although the light is still there…..all around. It has just been focused and coalesced into one picture, one lifetime. There are many pictures on a roll of film.

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