We walk with you every day…..each of you. We stand by your side and hold you safely in our arms. Yet you do not always feel us as the depths of your despair are so great. Sometimes it is only at the bottom of an empty well that a small puddle of water can be found in the mud. In this dark place there is found sustenance to go on living and find a way out of the dark despair. We are the puddle of water and the light and the mud and the despair. All is one….. but your fear of loss is great in the physical world. In truth it takes much physical strength to walk a true path in the physical especially when the fear of loss is apparent. A butterfly has but a few days to live, and lives in joy……knowing no fear. Knowing its only job is to gather nectar and move from food source to food source, to keep its wings dry and leave its eggs of the next generation. This is a simple way to live, in the moment with no thought of tomorrow. But we know that tomorrow weighs heavy on the human mind. What will tomorrow become? What shape will it take? Can I affect it by action and hoping and dreaming and fighting and declaring my intent? Yes all these have a factor in the outcome that is tomorrow. The tomorrow that never arrives but is always held in your thoughts as the desired place to be. It is only when one approaches the end of life and tomorrow does not seem such a great outcome, when in the face of death and one readjusts one’s thought patterns. It is also to be realised that the present moment is the only moment though the idea of hopes and dreams is a good one. But it is what you do today that matters. How you live today that affects, supposedly, your tomorrow. Above all be brave. Be brave enough to live your life. With freedom and joy. With high intent and high moral purpose. This enables you to be true to you and the present moment then becomes absolute truth and the beauty of that creates the next beautiful moment…..and so on and so forth. This is affecting the whole world in a positive manner. Helping all individuals realise their true purpose. The cost of not adhering to one’s truth is a miserable existence as one moves from one traumatic drama to another without pause or let up. Without having time to think of the cost to one’s soul and moral fibre. One’s existence looks down into the mud and we eternally hope that in the mud can be seen the light shining in the puddle of water.

There is forgiveness for everyone because there is always forgiveness for oneself. It is never the ultimate emotion but a realisation along the path of understanding as one realises the truth in living in the physical world and that there is more to life than physical living.

One’s murderer may be one’s best friend in the spiritual realms. Only in the physical to give you service and aid your understanding of all aspects of human emotions and the associated understandings of life which may occur in those minutes of death. Unnecessary suffering is not allowed and the soul departs the body so as not to experience the actual moment of death. So with a child who is really not a child in spirit but a complete entity and has only been a child on the earth plane. Their understanding of the physical world is more limited and they stand closer to the threshold of spirit and find it easier to leave their physical body and come home. Having given service to the one that was instrumental in taking their life. The body’s passing would have happened in the final moments of physical life without their presence in the body. Their moments of terror calmed and understood as they easily attune themselves to the spiritual realm. Their murderer will go through the angst of a lifetime. Even those who seem to have no remorse will, in the end when facing their own death, have to face their own demons. Their thoughts will drag them down into an abyss, especially when attempting to attune themselves to the spiritual plane again. And they may find it difficult to regain the vibration they once had achieved as the weight of past wrongs will be all around them in the vibration they will have created for themselves. This is their abyss. And this is where they need help to realise their true nature once again. Indeed the entity that was both best friend in the spiritual world and victim in the physical world will be on hand to aid their recovery from the dark well of despair they have entered. No human escapes these moments as no human is without emotion. And in spirit, understanding one’s fine vibration has to be achieved in the fullest understanding of the human life/passage into the spirit world and their recovery therein.

A lot to be achieved for one lifetime. Forgiveness is not needed when understanding becomes apparent. Any forgiveness usually has to be forgiveness of oneself……for what one has done or did not do. This is harder than forgiving others especially when back in spiritual form.

Allow us to guide you in these times. And keep your hearts and minds open for the nudge from a spiritual helper as the physical world is manipulated to nudge you in one direction over another. You always retain your choice in these matters but you will hear or see the effect of a spiritual helper on your physical life as they attempt to aid you and clear your thinking. So your response in the moment can come from a place of truth and moral eptitude. Go in peace beloved. We walk with you.

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