This is the state of the world in the present moment. It is going through an epiphany. Now you understand how a person with a negative outlook can have a positive effect as those roundabout the negative energy are rebuffed/repelled from that energy. They wish to bond together and show the world the power of their own energy……whether negative or positive. Many people have done just this in your past. Banded together to create a better world. And so it happens again as change is the momentum driving the creative force onwards to greater things. Achieving compassion and love for all beings.

This world is precious to you and now all are becoming aware of its shining beauty in the sea of space. How your world is just that……Your world…….there is nowhere else to go. The human race lives and dies here. Regardless of the progression of space travel. This is your natural environment with the air you breathe and the water you need to drink and the gravity your body needs to exist and function to its optimum. Other planets and space travel will only give you artificial environments that will weaken your biophysical system to a less than optimal level. You will not flourish outside your environment. Once the human race also realises that, then perhaps further healing of the planet Gaia might occur. She is in sore need of loving assistance.

The blend of people’s will to forge a new exciting, communal world of equality and peace for all is a desirable outcome. A brave hope and dream to be fulfilled. Of course there will be problems to begin with as the people of a country come to realise they are xenophobic and are really one people and their country is the world, with no barriers or borders. The virus has shown that coming together to pool resources and ideas is a good step forward and hopefully the world will see that this is the way to continue. Constantly sharing ideas and knowledge, with people able to engage at all levels of society having had their basic needs met. This is not impossible. This is not a dream. It is an essential necessity for the furtherment of the human race as a whole. This upliftment of mankind will enable all people to give of their best and receive the best there is available. Of course there will be teething problems. It is a new world order, encapsulating all. There is great upheaval currently but the path forward is clearly marked. Eventually humankind will take that path. The trickle will become a stream will become a flood as more people engage with the idea and the will to bring it about becomes more prevalent in society. Antiquated thought patterns need to be cast off. Allow the new souls with their positive uplifted thought patterns to lead the way. They know the way forward and must be heard. They are the key to the future of the equilibrium of the planet’s energy and the forward movement of its inhabitants. Listen to the young people. Be aware of the older generation but acknowledge that they want stability for their later years and the young want change. Do not be resistant to change. With the generations of experience that the young have to draw on from their elders, the forward progress can be maintained wisely, though probably not in the peaceful fashion in which it could be achieved.Be aware there are many imbalances between peoples that are needed to change, across the world. And the young are mobilised via technology. It will be painful in part and needs many years to accomplish as all humans need time to make the change in their hearts. Which could be done in an instant but would be too radical a change from the current position. For all first world and third world countries to become second world countries. And the world becomes one.

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