If one has a house that has burned down and all that is left is ashes and smoke. One would imagine that the owner of the house would weep long and copiously. For all that was owned and all that was lost and all that must be rebuilt. However, nothing is lost but only transmuted into ash. The thought patterns, with regard to the molecules of what was owned, changed/transmuted/released their bonds and made new bonds until all that is left is ash. This has occurred due to the thought patterns having changed of those who thought they owned things and placed a high priority in their physical life as to what they did within their “home”. It was important to them. Yet somewhere in their thought patterns they had a need for change, a need to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Somewhere in their thoughts they wished to begin their life again, be renewed. But nowhere in their thought pattern was there a clear understanding of themselves taking a step forward to make that change. And with that vibration strong in their thought pattern but no active advance in the physical world, the universe exploded into action and creativity and made it happen. No house, no things, no ownership of anything. And now they have a clean slate upon which to begin their hopes and dreams again. All is not lost just transmuted, as you are all alchemists.

Alchemy is practised every day by everyone. As a thought becomes… the physical world. As thoughts build dreams and hopes and then reality. The mind is truly magical in its ability to design the pattern it would like to inhabit in the physical world. Aided by the blueprint it has access to in the spirit world and those that can guide and give aid both in spirit and the earth plane. All outcomes are a result of choices made. And while these decisions are not made in isolation you always have the opportunity to decide which path you prefer to tread and the likelihood of what lies ahead…..which may change from moment to moment. But this makes life exciting, makes the journey exciting, makes each thought process exciting as you decide on your hopes and dreams. No one else’s. Yours. What do You want to create? What do You want to change? What do You want to deliver to humanity?

These are all questions that have been answered in spirit before your arrival on the Earth plane. Which you now choose to manifest in the physical with only a scant idea and gut feeling/instinct of where you need to be and what you need to achieve. Sometimes one has knowledge of a longterm goal and aims true as an arrow to achieve it with intent, focus and determination. And sometimes a person will not know which way they are headed but have instinctively trod the path they needed and achieved their goal in a more roundabout leisurely fashion. And then there are those who get lost, forget, become immune to the prodding, thoughts and insights that their friends in spirit provide. These, who have lost their way in the physical plane, do truly know their divine purpose in their innermost being but need a readjustment of their thought processes and patterns to be able to find it and focus once more on its value to their evolution. So, in some cases, a cataclysmic event is needed. Maybe a fire burns their house down, they have a long and debilitating health issue, or maybe a leap into the well of depression, where in the mud they find a puddle of water. A puddle of water with a small light shining, reflected from its depths, as the sun, moon and stars shines on them in their glory and they only have to look up to see heaven and feel they may be rejuvenated and indeed be as the phoenix rising from the ashes.

The process by which you find how you wish to live your life is a lengthy one. It contains much trial and error. Until eventually you know where you are going, what to aim for and how you wish to live in the present. That is a great achievement in itself. One that many people do not find in their lifetime. Whatever age you may be, be glad you have found your passion, your aim, your focus, your wanting in life. Especially now when many people will be reassessing their lifetime and their lifestyle. Reassessing what they truly want from life in the face of so many negatively connotated actions in the world. It is best you choose your path rather than have it chosen for you by world events and poor choices and a lack of understanding of how the world currently operates.

I hope this is of value to you. It is a simple narrative but provided with much love from us to you.

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