The Auric Field

The nervous system is a network of fine capillaries. Not in the sense of blood but as an energy transport system. The nerve endings transmit, via chemicals or electricity, the message that needs to be passed on to the next capillary/neuron. So the aura around you, infusing you, has a network of fine energy transmitting capillaries enthused through it. The network connects you to all of creation. It connects you to other people, the ground, the sky …. Your chakras are the energy nodes of the centre of the energy connection that is You. You coalesce physically around the energy centres. They dictate who you are and how you are and will be. Upon this lattice your learnings will be made. Before you choose your position in the physical (your birth) you will have countered the weaknesses and strengths in your energy centres. They will have been balanced, on advice, as to the best that can be achieved for your learnings in the physical. But they will be in balance as one is in counterbalance to another. This is not just the main chakras you see in traditional pictures of the eight chakras but there are many additional chakras e.g. for each of your organs, your fingers, your toes, at your temples, on your heels. You are a myriad of energy centres that the physical body is built around and upon. The weaknesses and strengths of the chakras will be represented in your body. And though you may have to continually uplift and strengthen one chakra this will not be the case for the stronger chakras. One counterbalances another and the weakest will need constant support for balance. If you choose to allow them to fulfil their own path and spin and shape as their wont, then you will suffer from their idiosyncrasies which will come forward to affect your life.

You are sat in a web of energy striations that infuse your physical world. How you touch a blade of grass is via your energy system first. You touch with your mind lightly and then become more focused. Then your physical aura touches the aura of the blade of grass. All before you physically touch. All this happens in nanoseconds of adjustment, assessment and appreciation. The blade of grass connects with you as you connect with it. As you decide to sit upon the grass in the park, first comes the thought, sent out through the energy centres to the park and the grass. They reach towards you as you reach towards the grass in your auric bodies. The welcome as you touch the earth and the grass is palpable, if you would slow down, focus and feel it happen. Your connection to the earth, as you sit seemingly upon it, goes deep into the ground and you receive sustenance through the threads of energy that permeate both you and the ground. Sustenance as in a physical energy that you absorb into your body and an auric energy that moves from the endless life force of the auric energy field of the earth to your auric field. And a spiritual sustenance also.

Your auric field is continually fine-tuning, assessing, balancing, connecting, adjusting the energy field it is part of and the energy field as a whole. And you control your aura and hence the field and the connection. Mostly subconsciously and spiritually, mostly as in breathing, an automatic response but also as you focus on the small things in life and the large. But it is your focus of your auric field in different directions that is magnified by your intent and focus. This is automatically counterbalanced by your chakras. You do not have to think about it apart from your initial intent and focus as in, “I will walk to the park and sit down on the grass and enjoy the view”. As you can see it is an incredibly complex system, a wonder to behold, even more wondrous than the machinations of the physical body.

All energy is vibration which becomes movement, colour and sound. So you are unique in the cosmos. The strike of your bell harmonious to another. If the sound/feel/colours are discordant then you will be uncomfortable enough to move from their vicinity. If your vibration does not chime with where you are or who you are with, you move away or you adjust your vibration and the resonance in your energy centres. This can be done on a short term basis but can be detrimental in the long term. You may adjust to a lower vibration over time to make it fit the vibration you have encountered. This will not last. Like a cork you will pop to the surface as your vibration and learnings will always encourage you onwards to be your best and achieve the vibrational energy you aspire to. All of your learnings are governed by vibrational energy. The ebb and flow. Its brilliance and its muted qualities. Its intensity and, at times, its flat, opaque or dark quality that sometimes infuses a soul. As a musical instrument that has not been tuned and its tones are flat and therefore cannot be played to its best or sound its best despite the dextrosity of the fingers upon its keys/strings/buttons. And how wonderfully the energy of a fine-tuned, well played, well chosen note can vibrate and echo out into the world for miles and through time. The beauty of how a human can resonate out into the physical, auric and spiritual realms when a true, lasting, clear, focused note is played. This is the clarity with which you must live, to achieve that which you set out to achieve when you first arrived in the physical. I say first not as in the most recent because you may have been attempting to achieve a certain focus and vibration for many lifetimes. So keep your focus. Stay true to your path and who you are. This is the aim of your lifetime. The learnings will come, the understandings will grow and your vibration will become more finely attuned in its complexity and joyfulness.

Pandemic (Part Four)

There will be separation yet togetherness for a while. The ying and yang of creation. The zen of life. The ability to touch hearts and minds but not each other…….temporarily. This will leave a mark on the collective human psyche. One that will bring about positive responses. Again I say that a position that seems to be negative, in retrospect will be perceived as far from that. The heavens will keep turning, the stars in the sky will keep burning and life will continue. This is a small happening in a cosmos of uncertainty. How you make your way through these uncertain times is dictated by your balance on the ground. The balance you feel in body and mind. A steady balance is needed without a dynamic shift from the apex point. Keep your balance, find your balance point and hold it. Nurture it. Do what needs to be done for you to thrive not just survive your difficult days. If you can do this then any difficult days ahead of you will be met with a modicum of balance and emotion and you will know you can survive.

So there are blessings to be had in the middle of this consternation. It is whether you want to look for them to brighten your life and stay positive or whether you choose to occupy your mind with doom and gloom thereby depressing your mood and your immune system. However this pandemic is viewed, it will provide people with a living many times over in years to come. Much research will be done and required. Equipment and chemicals sought. Employment changes and family groupings will be reassessed. Care homes given new status and generally a shake up of societal norms. This can be the beginning of a new appreciation for the wonders of people and the wonders the world has to offer each of you in many different ways. Events and happenings will not be taken for granted quite so much and there will be an outpouring of living life in the Now as people realise how quickly their lives were overrun by the virus and there was nowhere to escape to.

This is an important time. Not a “by chance” happening. Humanity wishes to take a step up in their evolution and they have been given an opportunity to do so. Although lives are lost, life is shown to be precious and that it needs to be lived and enjoyed wisely. The change in society is usually gradual but every now and then there is a sudden surge towards a more uplifted awareness that societies need to absorb. And an event like Covid-19 can precipitate that.

Even at times like these the more aware of the human race have a heightened vibration that is like a network across the globe. Their uplifted vibration is a net of hope and love and understanding that holds steady for the rest of humanity to aspire to and reach and hold onto. And this is how humanity rises to the task in hand. Inspiring each other into becoming more/better/stronger than they were before. So where are the negatives? There is joy as those in the physical come home to us. There is learning as people approach a death they fear. And some continue their lives with a new appreciation of everything and everyone around them. Economics are just tools for learning. What do you really need? Food, shelter, water, education. Everything else becomes a want. As your loved ones return home you will perceive a sadness. This is your sadness, your perception, which you can choose to change when the time is right for you. This may be next week, in a month’s time or now. Choose now…..why wait? Look at the most beautiful, wondrous world you live in that you have inherited. Enjoy each day and know you are blessed.

Pandemic (Part Three)

Motivations behind actions in a crisis can still be run by greed. However the price of this greed is man’s inhumanity to man. The cost of suffering…..the pounds and pence of allowing people to die weighed against the trillions wiped from the stock market and the emotional wellbeing of the survivors of the pandemic. There will be a cost in the years ahead. Meanwhile, to stay safe and look after each other in a connected yet separate way seems to be the key decision. This removes the ability to touch and be touched. Something that humans need as much as air, as much as water. The respect that you all will have for the fragility of your bodies and your environment will grow exponentially, will not cease, and be a constant in the years ahead.

The planet needed a rescue bid and Covid-19 is the superhero bug providing the global response to remove some of the parasitic growth from the face of the earth. This is only harsh if you become emotive rather than viewing these words in a factual way. You are becoming, as the human race, too unwieldy for the planet. She has spoken. Regard Her wisely and learn. She does not send Her warnings lightly. Treat Her with the awe and respect She deserves. Support Her rather than deplete Her. Allow Her to breathe and become Her best for you. Work together to provide the ideal that humanity deserves.

Make a wish………….. world peace? Resolve the world’s food shortages? Repair and heal the oceans and the land? Covid-19 is doing all this. Perhaps you wished for Covid-19 instead, to save the planet. Again, be careful what you wish for. Be exact in your requirements otherwise the universe will bring you what you desire with a few additions, a few extras that you had not focused on prior to its delivery. It is easier from spirit side as there is no death and people are coming home and we are joyful. Instead there is angst and pain on the physical side. But that is why you are all in the physical……to learn, to feel the angst and pain and to learn. Learn how to become better in your lifetime. Learn how to give of yourselves whilst keeping yourself in check so that you value yourself and your time. So you understand many viewpoints/perspectives and can grow in your understanding and focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Superheroes come in many forms.

Covid-19 is but one battle that humanity is trying to win. So many physical ailments seem insurmountable. This battle, this “fight-to-the-death” is what humanity is most scared of. And indeed they do fight, every step of the way to avoid their death.

The more mediums that abound, the more people have of a sixth sense, the more stories there are of miracles and life after death……the more people will get involved and find out for themselves. And then scientists will begin to look inwards to the soul and other universes / creations/ vibrational energies and existence. The more will be discovered and the lighter that death will rest on humanity’s brow. Although fear can create the greatest learnings there is too much fear and negation surrounding the earth plane. We seek to lighten it a little for learnings can still be achieved through relationships and life challenges. A fear of death is an additional burden humanity does not need and has had so many chances of understanding and accepting but still has not really advanced in its thinking. This needs to change. This is partly why we write with you. To encourage thought which engenders change. This is an important message. Minds need to be more open, to broaden in their understanding, become more accepting of new scientific views, to indulge their creative side and allow themselves to believe in the unimaginable and the imaginable. Do you not believe in fairies? Have you not seen them? But you put this belief aside as a child’s fantasy. Believe and you will allow them to become. Believe in a healed world and you allow it to become. Believe in a peaceable world and you allow it to become. Proof is the hard physical fact belonging to the physical world. You are more than the physical world, you are spirit also. Anything is possible in spirit. So touch the epicentre of your soul, your heart, your being and believe…….and magic will happen.

Pandemic (Part Two)


We wish to make a comment about the current pandemic. It is one of many. Yes, many will come home and they will be welcomed happily with love. They made their decision prior to their passing over when they were in spirit. This is how they have chosen to pass over. Do not mourn them for they made their positive choice to become a voice in the world for the future generations. So change can come about and benefit all.

Your world is the blade of grass in front of you that you watch closely and observe. How it grows and leans towards the sun. It’s colour with the effect of chlorophyll, the sugars it absorbs and breaks down and the life it gives to other living beings, the shade it provides etc. Meditating on a blade of grass and looking within can be a revolutionary process for you. Try it. See how you can move your consciousness to within the blade of grass and become one with it to observe and understand the processes it goes through. Its living and dying through the seasons of its life. This is just as important an understanding as you receive the learning and understanding from the pandemics in your physical world. Nothing is wasted or lost. Everything you learn from you absorb and recognise its value. One observation may not neccessarily be more valid than another. It is your perception and experience that makes it so. Your choice of which learning/ observation/ experience best serves you. A more gentle soul will only require the blade of grass to learn from and another less aware soul may need Covid-19. It is your perception of your world that brings you the best experience that you require for your learning to be the most thorough and insightful experience for you.

Covid-19 is no more serious than other pandemics. Perhaps the bubonic plague could be considered the worst to have been visited on the physical body. Especially in a time of limited medicine and physical understanding of the body’s mechanics. Medicine today is still in the dark ages. We are hoping that eventually there will be a move away from chemical medicines and a move towards light and vibrational medicine. Once it has been discovered and harnessed the world will move forward on a better footing and a greater understanding of the physical world which includes the physical body. This is not aeons of time away but a situation such as a pandemic moves people to invent and drive forward with ideas in many different areas of which medicine, virology, quantum mechanics and prior ideas of the rules of the physical universe are but a few. This is an explosion of creative energy which arises out of the combined vibrational need and push forward of the human race. A combined concerted effort to move forward united together. The times of a pandemic provides this as it has done in previous centuries. This time will pass and the human race will be richer for it. More understanding and more equality will be striven for. More gratitude and loving awareness will bring about profound change. So do not weep for those that pass into spirit for they come home happily and know they have achieved “a job well done”.

Pandemic (Part One)

Part one


This time is an opportunity for reflection. To appreciate all the things you love about life. To understand what is important to you and the world. To know that you are cared for by those in spirit, who love you and want only the best for you, despite the view that the pandemic is a negative occurrence. As we have said before, many negatives in retrospect are really very positive. So with this pandemic. People will understand that nature is stronger than humanity and that humans are just one of the species with perception on the planet. Living on the planet and living off the planet…….using all her nutrients to live the wasteful lives many lead. This pandemic will show humanity a way forward that can give equality for all. We are not so obtuse as to think this will be wholeheartedly embraced, for it will not be. But there will be a vast amount of change and minds more opened to moving in new beneficial directions. This is good.

Yes, many are coming home……..but they already knew that. That is their gift to the world. A direct judgement on morality and acquisitions and the value of human life that will permeate societies. The healers will be valued and given their rightful due in society and will not be forgotten in a lifetime. Many benefits will come from this as money is diverted to their cause which would not have happened prior to this. People are afraid of death and dying. That too is brought to the fore for discussion, in many societies. This pandemic is not huge in the grand scheme of things. In retrospect mistakes will be highlighted and the media will receive strong condemnation and laudatory comment in equal measure so will be tightened up in their more salacious, scary reporting. But the human race does love a scary film!

A pandemic is an aid to human advancement. There is no death only experience. The experience of a fearful death may be traumatic but we ease the suffering where we can, as soon as we can. But the fear is sometimes impenetrable until they have left the physical body behind and even then there is difficulty as the fear stays with them, in their unknowing of their situation, and it takes a while for them to understand and be relieved of their situation. Whoever they call for will come, to abbreviate their sorrow and pain, whether in spirit or still in the physical, as dreamtime allows some connection. Not as fully as when in spirit, as one’s spiritual body is more easily accessed in the spirit world than the physical world. Usually it does not take too long for a loved one to reach through the miasma of fear to calm the newly passed over. Their fear dissipates and they find joy in their surroundings. Those that don’t let go of their fear, for there are a few who find comfort that they still are alive by holding onto their fear, these few we give a representation of their surroundings to them, to calm them. And they come to the end of their day and thinking they still live…..they sleep. They think they sleep…..that is their perception. In this time we work to remove the negativity they have surrounded themselves with and though we cannot remove it all, only they can do that, we do the best we can so they wake into a lighter perception that is real to them but more positive and more loving. So they let go of their fear and allow their reality to become less a structure and more the spiritual experience. We care for them deeply as we are very aware of the fear constructs we place around our soul when in the physical world. Most of us have felt it and had to deal with these constructs. So we all want to help as much as we can. A troubled soul is assigned a spirit “helper” who vibrates in a similar way, though at a slightly different frequency, which makes the newly arrived soul want to resonate higher too. A spiritual helper who has had similar understandings and experiences and knows how to help because of these similar experiences. This is used to widen the perception of the newly passed soul in a pleasant, comfortable, uplifting way.

The pandemic is barely a tenth of a second in humanity’s timeline but hopefully a surge forward into a new age. But everyone had to come on board. No-one could be left behind in this leading wave of change. So it will affect all people, not some. And we look forward to observing the changes that will be made as there is a realisation that it involves both young children and the elderly and that it will always be around keeping you on your toes. There will be time to recover from all the ramifications as people turn to each other in their need as a social animal, needing support amid a consensus that the structure of their lives and living conditions must and will change…..everywhere.


Mist is a weather phenomenon. As is snow, thunder and lightning, hail etc. You never know from one day to the next the type of weather you will get in the UK. It varies considerably and forward planning can be made but often this is unsuccessful when one has a sudden hot sunny day in February or snow in April. So is life a string of weather days. You may not know what will happen next. You may plan but the next day can always bring a surprise into your immediate surroundings. This is always a learning curve. A test to see how quickly you catch and roll with the ball. If aware, you can catch your own response and adjust accordingly. Whenever you drop the ball the angst that is caused is not needed. This is a temporary illusion of not being quite in step with oneself which can be corrected once acknowledged.

Different days bring different weather bring different markers of time and differing juxtapositions of events. All unique to you. All gifted to you so you can enhance your growth however hard it may seem.

This is a new triangle/dilemma for you to understand. The juxtaposition between that which you have brought into your energy, which has been birthed a while ago and been growing and moving towards you, then it meets you in the Now and you no longer want it, no longer vibrate at the level to receive it. You have put aside the vibration, possibly out of choice, no longer needing, so your focus has changed. Or through laziness as the effort to stay in the vibration of wanting/having what you desired was lost to you. So the triangle between the Now of wanting all that you want versus the past energy being drawn towards you, together with the influence of world events can create a triangle of repricocity where one impacts on the other. The new you in your Now may feel complete and happy in your sunny day only to be hit by a hailstorm from the outside world/influences. And your response to the events of your day may be influenced by the Now of you dealing with how you used to think and behave in these circumstances. The energy has caught up with you and because you have become a more positive, ideally energised individual, the energy that has caught up with you is from a desire that you wanted, and existed prior to this and you feel it as a negative. But you have moved on and grown in your vibration while the energy vibration you put out previously has not, as only you can affect your energies. So when it returns to you it feels like a negative and you may not understand this and respond negatively when ultimately it has been a success because your energy has caught up with you and engendered the possibility of what you once desired but now don’t need. There is then a clash of vibrational energy in you that you have to resist/absorb/control/ balance. This is continually being done as you are continually desiring different, which is always a different vibration to what you have, to what you are currently receiving. This has been difficult to explain but, “Be careful what you wish for as it may turn up and bite you in the leg” may be succinct.

Instead keep your energies balanced at all times. If you drop the ball there will be a recovery period but keep a balance and steadiness in your movements. Be ready for the next ball while allowing the dropped ball time to roll to your feet gently and quietly. When you are able you may pick it up, as and when you choose, pass it on, keep it in one hand or keep it spinning.

A past thought form may arrive as a positive or a negative but as it arrives it will disrupt your current energy as you will have grown and deepened your understanding of your vibrational energy. The greater the growth in a short space of time the harder the knock from the old energy attempting to integrate. If you are in a balanced, smooth place there will be an easy adjustment as you notice it slightly impinge on your life. But if your energy is out of kilter all results of old energy patterns bring drama and vicissitudes, vast negatives and vast positives which you may not be ready for. So can turn a positive into what seems a negative due to your actions e.g. a lottery win and the subsequent fallout from the gain of money.

Your life needs calm and balance. Enjoy it to the hilt. Love and live and laugh. Be expansive. But be careful what you wish for as you need to be in a balanced energy state to receive. And those that are in a balanced state have all wishes and desires answered by the universe anyway so have no need to desire anything. The conundrum of human life.

Death and Dying

Part 2

The great unknown. A state that everyone fears except for those that have glimpsed the next step in their evolution, their pathway. This is not the right step for everyone as those who have glimpsed their pathway to their true home have been in alignment with their true selves for a few moments and connected to their deepest yearning. In the moment their focus has been on one outcome, intently, briefly and moved on. With a time delay of a few seconds the wishful thought becomes a reality. A knowing of what they are seeing, either with their physical eyes or their inside eyes. This knowing is brief but clear and though only a moment, seems to last much longer. Given their heightened state of awareness it may seem to last for many minutes in an intense focused way as though the physical world recedes and becomes just a quiet murmur in their ear. Instead they are on the edge of focusing fully into spirit and feel the blessed state of grace they so wish to be in constantly. Being human their focus shifts and as the mundane intercedes so does the physical reality. Then they have had an experience to guide their life by. An experience that shines within and they wish to let everyone know. Or an experience that is hugged close, in wondrous relief that there is more than the physical reality of ” Is this it?”

Is it? Is this physical reality everything to you? It is everything to your physical body. It has the ability to nourish the mind and soul and emotions. However, being human, you contrive to upset this with demands for perfection in the physical life. Demands never work. Flowing with the moment, throwing your wishes and desires lightly and intently out to the universe will more likely bring about the fulfilment of your wants and needs. Light continuous focus is the key. Focus on the positive aspects and aspirations that surround you as the moments of your wishes gradually make their way towards you. As you find yourself in the right place at the right time, ready to receive. And if that is the moment of your death……that too is a positive. On a physical level it is seen as the ultimate tragedy but is only surpassed in spirit when one realises the game plan may not have worked out and you learnt more than you expected. Learnt unexpected rather than the true aim of your pathway in the physical. Always there is much to learn. A learning is never wasted. But one can be continually surprised as to how it comes about. How the universe comes into line for the true purpose of enlightenment. Teaching, instructing, focusing on the positive……which includes death……at the right time and place for you. As you have chosen the vibration you have been born into so you have chosen your death moments. So your death is not a surprise to you but the learnings surrounding it may be. It is the ultimate teacher in those focused intense moments as your spirit leaves your body.

This is a gradual process but the physical consciousness has to let go of its reality. There is a strong lesson/teaching/understanding in that moment. And there are the lessons of life to absorb as the physical reality is released by the mind and you come into the fullness of your being. One would want to assess whether life happened how it had been intended and whether further learnings could be obtained from it in retrospect. This has to be done quickly as once you are separated from the physical and no longer identify with the body and its emotions and shortcomings, then you will not be able to assess as succinctly as when in the physical body. Gradually one forgets and the intensity of the physical life is softened in remembrance.

This is a journey over months for everyone regardless of the suddenness of their death, the shortness of the illness or their receptivity to the death process due to a great age. The continuance of the spirit tends, on the whole, to be a surprise to its recipient. However long the time in the physical there is no time to elapse in spirit so the idea of time must also be put aside. The realisation is more a process of assimilating into the spirit world once again. As a deep sea diver has to be accomodating with regard to the pressure the body is under and has to gradually move to the surface and de-pressurise to ensure the “bends” do not occur. So you have to understand and acknowledge you have come home and the intense living of the physical can be allowed to become a distant memory. Though the education one always carries and helps to shape your understanding.

There are several phases in the process of dying. The preparation for death. The moments of death. The immediate afterlife of the spirit as it leaves the body. The emergence into spirit and life ever after.

Death and Dying (Part One)

Death is but a journey between the physical and the spiritual worlds. As a baby is born with an umbilical cord, birthed with a placenta, so are you birthed into death with a silvery light of umbilical cord where you are attached to the body and surrounded by the expectations of death that a lifetime of physical reality has taught you. There is a gradual release not a sudden shock. We have no wish for you to come crying and wailing into the spirit world. It needs to be gradual to deal with the ideas and nuances you have picked up and now believe about the death process. It is important you know of the death process rather than believe a pathway that has to be fulfilled by those still living in the physical world with their own ideas and agenda about the process. We are not into the saving of souls or the perfect idealised dream. We wish you to awaken into truth. And we trust that the truth will resonate with you when you find it.

The journey is simple and one which you cannot avoid. It may be lengthy or short depending on your knowledge, acceptance and belief patterns. The body spends time moving gently into death. Even a subconscious awareness of an impending death is brought about gently. A sudden death is only sudden in the physical…….but known of in spirit. Yes there is always choice but the choice of your death at an appointed time is not decided upon in the physical. There is a great web of vibration and consciousness that you are part of, swept up in. Although you are spirit the physical world is manufactured through thought, focus and vibrational energy. So your birth and death are planned into the web of consciousness. There is a birth at a set time and a death at a set time. If you wish to leave the physical realm through an inability to work with the energy vibration due to its perceived denseness and difficulty to manage, you are given encouragement from spirit but ultimately it is your choice. And the web is altered, strands of energy manoeuvred so that you may exit as you wish.

No, there is no large room of operations, no web with a spider at its centre. There are groups of energies interconnecting. These energies support you and link in with other energies. If you wish to exit there must be a give and take of energies as you will no longer need the energy to support physical life, having chosen to re-enter the spirit world. It is both complex and simple but not needed for your understanding of the death process other than there is a movement of energies. A conglomeration at birth and a dissipation at death that must be managed.

Although the body slows and slows and slows in old age or illness the death process lasts for many weeks. For those aware of its coming there is time to put their affairs in order. A time to make their peace, look back at their memories and agree that they have done the best they could have done in the circumstances that they were gifted with. A good way to prepare for the death of the physical body.

The actual moments of death may last for a few days until you find there is more of you in spirit than there is in the physical body. The umbilicus thins and stretches as you move away from the body and become more aware of the spiritual realm and less aware of the physical realm. The thinning becomes like gossamer and thins and stretches so that once in spirit you hardly notice the separation. Initially you may hear the weeping and wailing of loved ones but that is not your concern any longer and though hearing it may draw you to them it will not last.

Meditation (Part Two)

Find the key to the door of knowledge. “How?”, you say. By practicing your meditation regularly. By going within and understanding the processes that you live with and by. That is a satisfactory result for meditation. Enlightenment is a by product………… Your mood is enhanced. Your breathing is gentled. Your system calms. Your eyes close as you move inwards to see who you really are. What do you find? A dark landscape with thoughts scurrying hither and thither, back and forth, in ever increasing circles? Do not become these thoughts but be aware of them. Watch them and step away from them. Watch them as they move like flightless birds across the Serengeti, unable to rise, fat with their own importance. These thoughts and words are not you. They mask the real you. So leave them alone. Allow them to continue because they will never cease entirely, but turn your focus to the space between the thoughts, between the words. Observe the gaps. Gradually the gaps will become longer and allow you to enter the incredible quietude that is you, the essence of you. Do not work hard at it but observe the gaps in the words lightly, slowing down the torrent of thought. No longer being in the thoughts or of the thoughts. This is a pathway to the real you, where you can meditate on the silence, or the colour of the silence, or its depth and vastness or maybe even its sound. It will be different for everyone, never the same, as it is your silence that you enter. The endless being, that has an egoic name, that is you. The words and thoughts are meaningless chatter that you observe. The quiet depths between the words are where you dive in to experience the stillness and quietude of the soul. This is beneficial to your body in every way as your physical system calms and regulates, balances and reinvigorates its terrain.

Thirty minutes is a good amount of time for a daily meditation. If you can manage two separate sittings, that is also desirable. Sitting for hours is not. Your body will need to move and your mind will lose its way. Meditating your way to enlightenment is not for everyone. Enlightenment can happen at any time, anywhere, if the ego is banished for ever and the being in the human body becomes aware of its spiritual self. You could be climbing a mountain and pause for the view, come into contact with the grace of God as you feel your soul expand, then realise that expansion has not contracted back into human shape and you are now permanently aware of this physical ism and your place within and without it. It may happen as you cross the road and narrowly be missed by a vehicle which brings your mortality into question in a sudden strong egoic moment or you could be sitting on a bench watching a tree grow. What doesn’t matter is the where or when. What does matter is that you are ready and ripe to just lean back and fall into the now of nothingness and find everything……..all knowledge, all answers, all understanding. The complete beingness of the moment is eclipsed by your understanding that there is no moment…….only is.

These rarified results happen to a few but more and more are finding their way. However the vast majority are best accepting the benefits of a gentle daily meditation to enhance their daily life. Do not work at it. Just be…….in the moment…….in the meditation.

A guided meditation is fun but is not quite where you will find your peace, but it is good for beginners who have difficulty quieting their mind. It allows them to play in their mind and discover that, like a rock pool, it has unforseen depth. Though the clear waters are muddied as you stir up its contents when you enter the pool. It takes a while for the sediment to reach the bottom, for the waters to once again become crystal clear. And then a clear view of its inhabitants can be seen in all their egoic glory. So there is plenty for the beginner to observe and understand. Many may not realise that they do not have to feel and enter the pool to understand it. It can be observed and understood. Only if you want to catch the inhabitants, collate them, examine them, take them apart, do you need to enter the pool. There is no need for this inquisition. Your mind can remain still and calm like the pool. You can observe the actions of everything within the pool and realise the pool is not of the sea. It is one pool existing on a beach where one day the sea will come to absorb it. So feel the air around the pool, know there is so much more to be and to experience. Do not be contained by the mind, it only knows of the teeming activity of a rock pool. Step outside and enjoy the vastness of the beach. You have the choice of the rock pool of the mind or the vastness of your soul to meditate, exist, be within. Your choice as always.

Meditation (Part One)

There is beauty to be found in every moment. Not only is the moment beautiful, so are you. It takes a few minutes of quiet, peace and calm to know this. As you watch yourself in meditation you know you are watching the best of you in action… peaceable action. In meditation it becomes your time, outside time. Your moments of being with the truth of who you are. Of watching the pureness of your being arise and fall just as the physical dross of you rises and falls. Without the dross there is no physical you. Without the dark there would be no light to be seen. It would all be the same oneness and you would not see and learn from the contrast.

Meditation is important for your body, mind and soul as they realign in the moment. As they come into ease with one another rather than one acting against or adjacent to another. For a few moments you come into alignment and feel the peace and beauty of who you really are. It is fleeting but it is there. It is not the quietude of the mind…… is the one fleeting moment beneath that. When suddenly you feel as though you have touched God. You have not……you have found your true self in all its wondrous glory. Think…. if you were to be aware of that one true self all the time, in every minute of every day, would you achieve anything in the physical world? Would you want to? No, of course not. Being in those golden moments of completeness would be your only desire. Not to eat, not to sleep, just to be. So if there is to be a physical experience…….and many choose not to have one, then these moments of true understanding of self are neccessarily brief. You are here for a physical life not so much a spiritual life. Though the experience of all life and time is a spiritual experience. Too much knowledge of your true self would indeed result in you “dropping out, turning off”. While to some extent this is beneficial as it can give you peace in your physical life and reduce your anxiety, too much will not set you free but hold you back. As you recognise you have no tether in the physical world and the mind wishes to step back and allow the soul to take over its place in the physical. But this is not the best for the body. This way lies madness as one’s grip on physical reality waivers. One must always be anchored in to the physical body to play with the plastic fabric of your world. This may seem a small nuance initially, in your meditation process, as you find that small moment of true beingness. But then, of course, you will wish to extend that to longer moments. To be still in the bliss of the moment for longer. But no……this is too much for your physical awareness. Be content with the moments of grace you receive. Be thankful for them. Acknowledge them but then return your attention to watching the blade of grass grow. Keep your attention in front of you, in the now. Not in the abstract and not in a place where you are unable to operate in the physical. Everything will come to you. You are a physical being but eternally spirit. You know and understand everything. The longing for those blissful moments you find in meditation are your longing for source and home. Recognise them and then resume the task at hand. To be the best you can be in the physical lifetime. To play with the plasticity of your universe and enjoy and have fun with it. Understand it is pleasurable and fun rather than the negative approach that may be given to its manipulation at times. Your universe is exactly how you wish it to be. To change it change your thinking, change your physical actions, as one has a bearing on the other. This change can be affected through meditation. That is the place where you watch thoughts arise and fall. Be aware of the thoughts you have, their negativity and positivity. Expunge the negative thought patterns and uphold the positive. Meditation is useful for this process as not everyone can sit and become enlightened like the Buddha, Sakyamuni. This is a tool for everyday living. Enlightenment will come in time……..meanwhile you have a life to live! A life to be enjoyed, free of anxiety and sadness. Meditation is a tool for you to find the peace in any eventuality. Use it!

Do not ignore the right tool for the job. It has been made available to the physical world as a panacea to the ills of the world and as a gift of inner peace when you doubt yourself, dislike yourself, disrespect yourself. In those quiet moments you may even hear my voice in your ear, advising you that it is good to have met you on that particular wavelength. Meditation calms the body, calms the energy field around you. It satisfies your craving for the spiritual world. Meditation is of great benefit to an individual but do not spend all your time in this place as it is the physical world where you belong for the length of your lifetime.